Brian Smith

Name: Brian Smith
Social Capital: 19SC
commented on The Spending Plan policy 15: return the compulsory school leaving age to 16 and scrap 16–19 bursary scheme 2015-04-29 16:06:09 +0100 · Flag
Old enough to vote and choose the government according to nasty Labour and the silly Lib Dems but not old enough to choose to leave school. Funny old world.
commented on The Spending Plan policy 12: reform planning rules to reduce housing benefit bills 2015-04-23 17:47:20 +0100 · Flag
Our main arterial roads in large towns – like the A12, A13, A40, North Circular and so on in London – are lined by semi detached and detached houses, often with large front and rear gardens. These should be acquired by housing associations and replaced by mid-rise apartment blocks which are the norm on the Continent. Other roads. – the A5 and A3 for instance – are lined by terraced houses which have been converted into shops with flats or rooms above. These should similarly be acquired and replaced with mid-rise apartment blocks with shops on the ground floor.
The resulting increase in housing density – and quality – would make a substantial difference to availability and thence affordability.