'Stop the Energy Swindle' back in Colchester

November 11, 2013 9:55 AM

TaxPayers’ Alliance activists in Colchester braved the cold and the rain last Wedensday to protest against energy taxes. Passers-by stopped at our stall to pick up leaflets and sign a petition for our ‘Stop the Energy Swindle’ campaign.

At a time when many families are still struggling to pay the bills, green levies and other measures add £200 to the cost of the average household’s combined gas and electricity bill. This is expected to hit £620 by 2020. Green policy is the fastest growing influence on household energy bills.

One retired energy surveyor was adamant that government-set green targets have forced up the cost of energy. “It’s not just the green taxes”, he said. “It’s also the carbon reduction targets and all the new investment that is necessary”.

Another local resident added, "I think you’re onto something. Energy is far too expensive and these taxes have got to go!” And that was a message that came through loud and clear from the many people we spoke to.

Supporters of renewable energy claimed (and still claim!) that higher costs on energy companies would not impact consumer bills. They claimed that renewable energy will cost less over time. They thought that if Government made it harder and harder to keep the lights on, we could significantly impact global carbon emissions. They have been proved wrong on all three counts.

Our next stall is this Wednesday in Romford. We are meeting on High Street, near the junction with Angel Way, at 12.00 noon. If you are in Romford on Wednesday, please drop by and say hello, and also please write to your MP using EnergySwindle.org. Your voice really does make a difference.

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