Aspire finally expires

Aspire, the biggest single tech contract in the UK public sector, with an estimated cost to taxpayers £10.7bn by 2017, is finally going to be replaced.

HMRC are carrying out a 'phased transition' which, it is hoped, will allow them to make adjustments and feel out problems rather than risking one big move. HMRC have stated that their future plans will be 'shaped by consideration' depending on how their introductory plans progress.

A representative of the government’s coin collector stated that they were hopeful the transition will save up to 24 per cent on its annual £800m ICT budget by 2020/21. Currently, 84% of HMRC's ICT budget is spent with the integrators Fujitsu, Capgemini and Accenture and nearly 250 roles will be shifted from Capgemini to HMRC on December 1.  

In two years’ time when the contract comes to an end HMRC will need to abide by government procurement rules, calling for it to work with smaller suppliers and taking increased control of the evolution and provision of tech services.  If managed well, there is certainly scope for further savings here alongside those predicted from the end of the Aspire.

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