Dominique Lazanski

Head of Digital Policy


Dominique has spent over 12 years in the Internet industry with many of those years working in Silicon Valley. In 2005, Dominique moved to London and completed a Masters in information systems management at the London School of Economics. She holds a BA from Cornell and is currently working on her PhD.


Dominique has done extensive work in the areas of Internet regulation, innovation, and growth. Her areas of interest are net neutrality and government regulation online, Internet infrastructure development, technology start ups and growth, and venture capital funding. She has appeared on national and international media programs as well as panels and forums debating these digital issues. She writes regularly for the TaxPayers' Alliance blog as well as Big Brother Watch, ConservativeHome, the Huffington Post, and CityAM.


In addition to her work at the TaxPayers' Alliance, Dominique does freelance consulting to private industry focusing on digital strategy and policy. She has a long held interest in public policy and participatory government.

Dominique's Recent Posts

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Mar 2013 15
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Jan 2013 21
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