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MPs record expenses "extortionate", says TaxPayers' Alliance

  • TPA says MPs "should be ashamed of themselves"

  • Increase per MP calculated by TPA...

7:41 PM October 25, 2007

MPs’ EXPENSES: Tories best value for money, Plaid Cymru worst

The TPA’s analysis of today’s expense claim figures for MPs ranks the main Parties by the average amount claimed per...

7:36 PM October 25, 2007

£34k for a 'Young Mayor Coordinator'

Money_2Have a read of this...

5:48 PM October 25, 2007

Coventry City Council advertises for 'Lifestyle Coach'

In the wake of the TaxPayers’ Alliance inadvertently attracting media attention for their “non-job” of the week - as advertised...

4:51 PM October 25, 2007

Keep off the grass...even if you're cutting it

ClownsCan’t council bureaucrats find anything...

12:04 PM October 25, 2007

Both workers in the Health Service and people in deprived areas would be better off with real NHS reform

The Telegraph reports statistics from the ONS showing that middle class professionals are outliving builders and cleaners by as...

11:52 AM October 25, 2007

MPs and their skills

The Mail reports today that MPs are struggling to find employment on leaving work:

"The study said employers...

11:09 AM October 25, 2007

The Government's £57,000 boxes

MoneyYesterday we noted how Renfrewshire...

11:04 AM October 25, 2007

Unfunded public sector pension liabilities rise again

The Telegraph reports that the official estimate of unfunded public sector pension liabilities has risen to £620 billion, up...

10:58 AM October 25, 2007

Who would spend £100k on desks?

MoneyA TPA activist has given...

5:29 PM October 24, 2007

More corporate tax cuts in prospect in Canada reports that Canadian Liberals, who reduced the federal corporation tax rate from 28 per cent to 19 per...

1:42 PM October 24, 2007

Britain's economic prosperity built on a mountain of debt

An interesting new paper  from Policy Exchange argues that Britain's strong economic growth over the past 15 years is...

1:09 PM October 24, 2007

Non-job of the week

Smallbluebin Last week Sandwell Council...

11:46 AM October 24, 2007

Tax burden higher than in 1975

An interesting snippet from Greg Mankiw's blog - according to the OECD tax revenue as a share of GDP...

11:16 AM October 24, 2007

Half-day for Council workers to go 'Christmas Shopping'

ClownsNo word of a lie...

10:59 AM October 24, 2007

More secrecy and failure in the NHS

Following on from the widely-reported failues of the NHS to tackle hospital superbugs comes the news that one...

10:52 AM October 23, 2007

Golden handshake for incompetant finance director

The former finance director of North Stoke Primary Care Trust who presided as the body plunged into £6million of debt...

3:31 PM October 22, 2007

Government Regional Shambles

Weekly Waste Watch- 78

More Tax Funded Compensation

Capital gains tax: an alternative view

We've criticised the Government for raising capital gains tax on small business by 80 per cent, and supported...

12:58 PM October 19, 2007

Fewer than half of pupils gain good GCSEs in core subjects

Yet more evidence of the failures of the state education system have come to light today:

  • Fewer than...

12:30 PM October 19, 2007

Slough-t of their minds

ClownsOf all the things a...

11:07 AM October 19, 2007

Launch of the Derby TPA Branch

6:58 PM October 18, 2007

Flat broke Solihull MBC closes public toilets and hires more bureaucrats

According to local reports Ken Meeson, the leader of Solihull Council, is warning of substantial council tax hikes next...

3:16 PM October 18, 2007

Taxes highest for 20 years - and this is being felt across the country

The OECD has just released an update on its historical tax burden series. It shows that taxes in Britain...

1:38 PM October 18, 2007

Quarter of hospital trusts fail to meet basic hygiene standards

Coming just a few days after the superbug scandal at the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells Hospital NHS Trust and the...

1:04 PM October 18, 2007

Non-job of the week

SmallbluebinThis week we have...

11:58 AM October 18, 2007

State schools are failing the poor

A damning Ofsted report has revealed that the state education system is failing the poorest children in our society:


11:54 AM October 18, 2007

West Midlands Council Mileage Allowances

6:09 PM October 17, 2007

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