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West Midlands Council Mileage Allowances

6:09 PM October 17, 2007

More evidence that the scandal at Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells wasn't an isolated incident

Alan Johnson's attempt to fool the British public into thinking that the tragic deaths at Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells...

2:36 PM October 17, 2007

Democracy suffers at regional level

In today’s Birmingham Post (business supplement) John Duckers writes of the increasingly powerful threat to democracy that is Advantage...

6:32 PM October 16, 2007

Higher taxes reduce labour supply

A new paper, "Labour supply and marginal tax rates" by AJ de Bruin from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam,...

5:25 PM October 16, 2007

Chairman of the Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust quits

James Lee, chairman of the Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust, has resigned following the Healthcare Commission's report on an...

5:08 PM October 16, 2007

Australia cuts taxes - again

While it's great news that, in Britain, tax cuts have become fashionable to talk about again, we don't yet have...

11:49 AM October 16, 2007

Are the terms of debate changing?

Philip Stephens has an interesting piece in the Financial Times on whether the terms of political debate are changing...

10:42 AM October 16, 2007

Front Line Desk Jockeys

Gershon efficiency agreements in preparation

It's been a while since we blogged the government's ludicrous Night at the...

5:40 PM October 15, 2007

MoD homes 'scandal' not being fixed

It might be easy to think that once a real crisis like the poor housing that armed forces personnel are...

12:38 PM October 15, 2007

Twenty hospitals have worse infection rates than Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells Hospital Trust

Remember Alan Johnson telling us that the Maidstone & Tunbridge wells scandal was an "isolated incident".  We thought this was...

12:27 PM October 15, 2007

Oxbridge giving up on the A-level

With the ongoing weakening in standards and concerns that schools are teaching to the test the A-levels are becoming...

12:12 PM October 15, 2007

Patients pulling their own teeth due to shortage of NHS dentists

The Telegraph reports that patients are taking to pulling their own teeth as they are unable to find an...

11:53 AM October 15, 2007

Welcome U-turn on national road pricing scheme

The Government appears to have performed a U-turn on the national road pricing scheme. The Telegraph reports that the...

11:31 AM October 15, 2007

Capital gains tax increase attacked by business groups

11:16 AM October 15, 2007

Hampshire County councillors shirking responsibilities

TPA Activist Mike Schofield has revealed to us some real dodgy goings on down in Hampshire. Over half the councillors...

10:55 AM October 15, 2007

Weekly Waste Watch- 77

Management in the Health Service and hospital infections

The first three tiers of management in the NHS: the Secretary of State, the Ministers and the Parliamentary Under-Secretaries are...

8:14 PM October 12, 2007

Money mismanagement and dangerous cutbacks for West Midlands Fire Service

Despite the fact that there are no real tax cuts on the horizon, a local firefighter has spoken out about...

4:55 PM October 12, 2007

Hospital infections at Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust

The news from Kent is truly shocking.  In the face of financial problems and in an effort to meet government...

12:57 PM October 12, 2007

Yet another council votes against cutting council tax

ClownsTPA activist Tony Flynn, who...

11:05 AM October 12, 2007

Australian unemployment falls to 33-year low

The Financial Times reports that unemployment in Australia fell to a 33-year low of 4.2 per cent in September....

10:36 AM October 12, 2007

The Bumper Book of Government Waste 2008

It's back and, depressingly, the figure is even bigger than last time.


12:30 PM October 11, 2007

State spending at Soviet levels in some parts of the UK


The Times today publishes a regional breakdown of public spending as a...

11:27 AM October 11, 2007

Hong Kong cuts tax rates: no surprise there

The Financial...

10:50 AM October 11, 2007

Almost all children are victims of crime

The Howard League for Penal Reform have released figures, reported in the Guardian, showing that almost all, 95%, of...

12:10 PM October 10, 2007

The Pre-Budget Report/Comprehensive Spending Review

Alistair Darling has finished speaking, we’ve taken a look at the Pre-Budget Report and Comprehensive Spending Review, and here are...

8:02 PM October 09, 2007

£150m Northern Rock Gift

Tax credits "unfair" to poorest households

The Parliamentary Ombudsman, Ann Abraham, has released a report calling Gordon Brown's system of tax credits "unfair" to some...

11:15 AM October 09, 2007

Junior doctors

The Telegraph reports that the failed computer system for recruiting junior doctors to training posts is to be scrapped. ...

11:06 AM October 09, 2007

Council re-branding

Cash-strapped one-star rated Stoke-On-Trent Council are once again ploughing taxpayers’ money in the wrong direction, and instead of improving on...

2:31 PM October 08, 2007

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