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Why inheritance tax cuts are good politics as well as good policy

Two polls over the weekend showed that the Conservative plans to raise the inheritance tax threshold to £1 million are...

10:32 AM October 08, 2007

Weekly Waste Watch- 76

Crossrail- How Much Really?

Crossrail gets the go-ahead

With an expanding population...

4:03 PM October 05, 2007

Myopic Unions

The Royal Mail's managers have stepped back from the brink and are not going to play the Grinch this...

12:16 PM October 05, 2007

Thoughts on the Conservative Party conference

This week’s Conservative Party conference marks a very important shift in the Tory strategy on tax.

Two years ago, a number...

7:19 PM October 04, 2007

The Health Commission Wales fail a patient and taxpayers

Channel 4 news reports another story of structural failure in the NHS today.  Doctors told a woman in South...

6:59 PM October 04, 2007

George Osborne pledges to increase inheritance tax threshold to £1 million

In his speech to the Conservative Party Conference, Shadow Chancellor George Osborne pledged to reduce two taxes:

4:21 PM October 01, 2007

++STOP PRESS++ Conservatives will pledge to abolish inheritance tax

The TPA has just been told by a high-level source that George Osborne will commit the Conservatives to abolishing inheritance...

6:02 PM September 28, 2007

Total Lifetime Tax

4:17 PM September 28, 2007


4:15 PM September 28, 2007

Conservatives to abandon green taxes

In a revealing interview with the Telegraph today, Shadow Chancellor George Osborne sought to distance himself from new green...

3:01 PM September 28, 2007

OECD urges Brown to come clean on tax

From the Telegraph:

"The world's leading economic watchdog has urged Gordon Brown to abandon his decade-long use of...

1:15 PM September 28, 2007

Hospital hygiene

Reuters report today that the Lancet has condemned Brown's proposals to deep-clean hospitals and make all hospital staff wear...

12:17 PM September 28, 2007

Dr Battey's Accounts Book

Kent County Council's "coherence" spending

MoneyThe Kentish Express reported last week...

2:48 PM September 27, 2007

The right way to harmonise taxes, if you must do it

With the news earlier this week of business support for a common corporate tax base in the EU, it...

11:45 AM September 27, 2007

NHS fails the elderly

The Telegraph reports a study by the Healthcare Commission today showing a shocking series of failures in the NHS'...

11:11 AM September 27, 2007

A lesson in why corporation tax should be reduced

An interesting new video from the CATO Institute in Washington presents an important lesson on why corporation tax should...

11:07 AM September 27, 2007

French budget: tax cuts; public spending frozen in real terms

The French government yesterday unveiled its budget for 2008. Public spending is to be frozen in real terms and...

10:52 AM September 27, 2007

Non-job of the week

SmallbluebinOur non-job of the week...

3:29 PM September 26, 2007

An independent exam authority

The Telegraph reports that today Ed Balls will announce a replacement for the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) that...

3:24 PM September 26, 2007

Private company to offer degrees

The Financial Times reports:

"A private sector company has been granted the power to award degrees for the first time,...

12:32 PM September 25, 2007

Christmas threatened by Union-Grinches

The Telegraph reports that...

11:48 AM September 25, 2007


Political Trumps

Toptrumpsbox The...

5:10 PM September 24, 2007

Battle for free-market ideas still to be won

An interesting FT/Harris poll is covered in the Financial Times today (here for questions, here for further write-up)....

1:31 PM September 24, 2007

FACT and TPA at work in Norwich


1:27 PM September 24, 2007

New tax on workplace parking spaces proposed

Today's Times reports:

"Commuters face a £350 tax on workplace parking spaces in an attempt to encourage them out...

12:52 PM September 24, 2007

Tower Shamlets 'defend' Islamist books

A couple of weeks ago we highlighted a report by the Centre for Social Cohesion that exposed the shocking...

12:37 PM September 24, 2007

Weekly Waste Watch- 75

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