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Government Project Disasters

Note to Basildon Council - you are being watched...

A TPA activist has alerted us to this shocking example of government waste in
Basildon Council:

"Inclusion & Diversity Manager To...

3:42 PM September 12, 2007

Non-job of the week

SmallbluebinLast week Tower Shamlets council...

1:34 PM September 12, 2007

Advantage West Midlands spend your real money on their virtual project

Most of us know very little about high-tech ‘virtual world’ gaming, so it might come as a surprise that the...

6:06 PM September 11, 2007

Wanless Shocker

Taxing Reading

140571235x_2Our tax code is...

12:28 PM September 11, 2007

Councils waste half a million on 'status'

TPA Activist Barbara Lockwood, who also runs her local campaign ‘Folk Against Council Tax’, has sent us a story about...

11:51 AM September 11, 2007


Waste Watch on defence spending

Today's PAC report...

10:02 AM September 11, 2007

The problems with the Happy Planet Index

Informed sources think that something along the lines of the New Economics Foundation’s Happy Planet Index is going...

7:13 PM September 10, 2007

Same old TUC

Labour_isnt_working2_2 The conference season started...

12:47 PM September 10, 2007

Weekly Waste Watch- 73

News Release: TaxPayers' Alliance Annual Conference Season Poll

 Major landscape poll finds strong shift in public attitudes towards tax

 Council Tax is second...

11:50 PM September 08, 2007

The Taser debate heats up...


1:17 PM September 07, 2007

Police chief calls for the abolition of targets

Ian Johnston, the president of the Police Superintendents Association, is denouncing Whitehall crime-fighting targets as a "shambles":

"He maintains...

11:51 AM September 07, 2007

Specialist schools fail to raise standards

From the Telegraph today:

"Almost every comprehensive in England has been turned
into a "specialist school" - receiving thousands...

11:36 AM September 07, 2007

TPA Organiser in Liverpool newspaper

StarThree cheers to our Liverpool...

10:55 AM September 07, 2007

The Buck Bounces Back

Our reporter on the trail... before he contracted foot and mouth

According to the...

10:43 AM September 07, 2007

Liberal Democrats defend their excuse to take your money

Yesterday the Liberal Democrats attacked our study on green taxes.  They make two arguments:

1.    More recent studies,...

7:23 PM September 06, 2007

£7million Walsall Council programme gets 'zero' rating

The Walsall Observer reported today that Walsall Council’s £7million scheme designed to help vulnerable members of the community has...

6:48 PM September 06, 2007

Britain lags in quality of life index

Yesterday the Telegraph reported that a new Economist index will reveal Britain lagging behind other countries of similar...

6:24 PM September 06, 2007

Update On Running Sores

12:36 PM September 06, 2007

Libraries stocking books of hate

The Centre for Social Cohesion reports that libraries are spending public funds to stock books that promote Islamic extremism...

11:46 AM September 06, 2007

Strikes looming in Town Halls

It’s not just throwing money at a problem, but how much it takes to make...

11:37 AM September 06, 2007

Campaign Diary 5th September 2007

Interactive forum for TPA Supporters in St. Albans

TPA organiser Martin Thornhill has set up a yahoo group to help St....

6:18 PM September 05, 2007

If ever you have half a million spare...

MoneyEven though we got today’s...

5:16 PM September 05, 2007

Non-job of the week

SmallbluebinThis week’s non-job has been...

2:04 PM September 05, 2007

Latest from the TPA...


4:53 PM September 04, 2007

Fighting talk from TPA Derby Organiser

Derby TaxPayers’ Alliance Organiser Dave Black has taken the fight to Derby councillors over their incompetent management of Derby council. ...

11:15 AM September 04, 2007

TPA fisk of George Osborne in the Times today

Osborne2 Shadow Chancellor George Osborne...

7:38 PM September 03, 2007

Inflated travel bill suggests First Class worldwide flights for Birmingham City Council


Birmingham City Council members...

7:22 PM September 03, 2007

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