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Campaign news from Kent

Burning_moneyOur New Romney organiser, Councillor...

11:19 AM September 03, 2007

The costs of the EU

The Bruges Group has published a report exposing how the EU takes £1,000 from every British man, woman...

10:35 AM September 03, 2007

The Case Against Further Green Taxes - Report and Poll


  • EVERY UK...

11:50 PM September 02, 2007

Spending Without Result

Government manslaughter

The Express today (not online) reports that the Government has been accussed of corporate manslaughter over its failure to provide...

11:53 AM August 31, 2007

Unions are getting ready to take advantage of the public sector again

There are certainly problems in the prison system, a lack of space for a start, which prison officers have good...

11:41 AM August 31, 2007

Three Rs sink to 7-year low

National test results have revealed that standards of reading, writing and maths among seven-year-olds have fallen to their 2000 level,...

10:52 AM August 31, 2007

Another Bonus Farce

Council chief gets £170k whilst pensioners lose hot dinners

Worcestershire County Council seems a little confused over what constitutes value for money in recent months.

The council have reportedly...

6:17 PM August 30, 2007

Campaign Diary 30th August 2007

Sany0074_2Today has been a day...

5:56 PM August 30, 2007

Politics Of Envy Meets Winter Of Discontent

The Conservative strategy on the NHS

Louise Bagshawe, a Conservative candidate, argues on ConservativeHome in favour of the current Conservative strategy on the NHS.  Essentially,...

1:22 PM August 30, 2007

Lower city bonuses mean lower tax revenues

The Telegraph reports today:

"Alistair Darling could face a multi-billion pound tax shortfall in the coming year as the City's...

11:40 AM August 30, 2007

Corporation Tax Too Complex For HMRC

Shropshire road pricing coalition

Congestioncharging West Midlands TaxPayers’...

6:36 PM August 29, 2007

Non-job of the week

SmallbluebinThis week’s non-job is rather...

11:19 AM August 29, 2007

Direct evidence that science exams are being made easier

The Times has uncovered clear evidence that exams are not just becoming easier but that there is a conscious...

10:48 AM August 29, 2007

Locals say 'no' to Supplementary Business Rates

The Birmingham Post reports today that business leaders and one leading Birmingham councillor have vocally rejected proposals to give councils...

6:42 PM August 28, 2007

Privatisation of school management is effective

The Financial Times covers a new report from the CBI, which argues that the private sector has proved itself...

11:22 AM August 28, 2007

One-third of biggest businesses pay no tax

An interesting report in the Financial Times today reveals that almost a third of the UK's 700 biggest businesses...

11:09 AM August 28, 2007

The Taxman's trips abroad

Snoopers_2The Daily Mail this...

10:42 AM August 28, 2007

Early Learning Programme Flops

US deficit to fall yet again

The Financial Times today reports that the US budget deficit will shrink to $158 billion in fiscal year 2007, according...

11:28 AM August 24, 2007

UK worst in western Europe for stroke treatment

Fresh from a report showing how cancer survival rates in Britain compare poorly with other European countries, a new...

10:58 AM August 24, 2007

Subsidized theatre visits

27708_theatre_interior_2020 Birmingham City Council are...

2:50 PM August 23, 2007

Grumpy taxpayers

Full_571763webba26glad A postcard campaign by...

7:15 PM August 22, 2007

Attacking Inheritance Tax on Friction TV

1:13 PM August 22, 2007

Non-job of the week

SmallbluebinYou can always expect a...

10:46 AM August 22, 2007

Cancer Survival Rates

Apparently the United Kingdom has some of the worst rates of cancer survival in Europe, significantly worse than others...

3:27 PM August 21, 2007

More from Barnet

We make a habit now of filming any of our TPA excursions to give our supporters a better sense of...

12:21 PM August 21, 2007

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