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Council Tax Protest in Barnet

More branding waste

The Child Support Agency, now scrapped for being utterly useless, spent £60,000 just on consultants to "research brand development" according...

2:26 PM August 20, 2007

Firms having to teach their workers the three Rs

Despite a chorus of "rising standards" from politicians firms are having to teach teenage workers basic numeracy and literacy.  From...

11:14 AM August 20, 2007

Police Community Support Officers

Today the Daily Express reports that Police Community Support Officers solve one crime every six years and hand out...

10:51 AM August 20, 2007

Council taxi expenses

Coventry City Council and Warwickshire County Council were the latest local authorities to be exposed for their extortionate taxi bills...

2:14 PM August 17, 2007

Private equity taxation to rise?

The Financial Times reports that Alistair Darling is considering raising tax on private equity:

"Alistair Darling, the new UK...

11:35 AM August 17, 2007

At last! Action on inheritance tax...

It’s all about crime

There is usually an increase in coverage of crime and criminal justice matters during the Parliamentary recess when political news...

1:33 PM August 16, 2007

Is There Anyone Out There Who Doesn't Have 3 As?

David Green makes a persuasive case on alcohol, policing and lawlessness

David Green writes for the Telegraph today making a very strong case that failures of policing, rather than too...

11:14 AM August 16, 2007

The Public debate

Pict06031 The Public arts centre...

5:55 PM August 15, 2007

Council Tax Evasion

The amount of uncollected council tax continues to rise each year, reaching well into hundreds of millions of pounds.

Hypocrisy at the BBC



12:36 PM August 15, 2007

Cost Of Renewable Fantasies

Non-job of the week


It’s that time of...

10:29 AM August 15, 2007

Kiddy Kevlar - a sign of the times...


12:14 PM August 14, 2007

Business rates look set to rise to pay for council profligacy

A worrying piece in the Telegraph's business section states:

"Business is facing a series of Government tax raids to pay...

11:13 AM August 14, 2007

A quarter of pupils 'make no progress from 11 to 14'

The Telegraph reports today that in many subjects one in four pupils makes no progress or falls back between...

11:01 AM August 14, 2007

It's Rochdale...but not as we know it

If anyone needs convincing that Regional Development Agencies are a waste of time, space and money, one should look at...

10:52 AM August 14, 2007

Golf tuition for course vandals

Yobs responsible for vandalism and repeated attacks on a Black Country golf course are being treated to free golf tuition...

3:44 PM August 13, 2007

Council fights fashion not crime

Are Peterborough City Council taking the p***?Clowns

2:29 PM August 13, 2007

Conservative plans to cut £14 billion off red tape burden

John Redwood's competitiveness policy group will present its final report on Friday. The report has been widely trailed in the...

11:45 AM August 13, 2007

The expensive NHS

It used to be that low NHS standards, still just about the worst in the
world according to EU...

11:20 AM August 13, 2007

Weekly Waste Round-Up 71

Defra Disasters

The Surrey foot and mouth outbreak is only the latest in a string of...

8:44 AM August 11, 2007

Wolverhampton's "Green Man"

Despite an inflation busting 4.8% rise in council taxes at the last budget Wolverhampton City Council have still deemed it...

5:50 PM August 10, 2007

ID card programme launched: another government fisaco in the making

Today's Financial Times reports:

"A £2bn procurement programme to build and run the contentious identity card scheme was launched by...

10:54 AM August 10, 2007

EU tax harmonisation threatens again

An interesting paper has just been written by Damon Lambert, senior tax manager at KPMG, and published by Global...

4:11 PM August 09, 2007

Council sponsors football team and not services

ClownsOur Dagenham and Rainham TPA...

11:04 AM August 09, 2007

Real Business In Brown's Britain - send in your experiences


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