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Dentistry Fiasco Update

Council offers 'ladder climbing training'

Lancashire county council has stunned its roadside workforce by insisting that all staff that climbs a 4-foot ladder to put...

11:04 AM August 08, 2007

Non-job of the week

SmallbluebinTwo things stand out in this...

10:41 AM August 08, 2007

Pass Or Fail?

Council magazine costs £230,000

Staffordshire County Council have once again outdone themselves in terms of profligate spending and managed to blow £230,000 on publishing...

5:25 PM August 07, 2007

Ordinary workers paying as much into public sector pensions as their own

Explosive new figures have just been released by the Liberal Democrats. They show that for every £1 a private...

5:20 PM August 07, 2007

Teaching To The Test Update

Council Tax Activist wins crucial vote at USDAW conference

Derrick Frost, a newly registered TaxPayers’ Alliance activist from West Sussex and member of USDAW (the Union of shop,...

11:56 AM August 07, 2007

The cost of teachers' pensions soars

The Sun reports
this morning that the cost of underwriting Teachers' pensions has risen
by a quarter, from £143...

11:06 AM August 07, 2007

Shocking bonuses at the BBC

Bbc_3Trust in the BBC is...

10:12 AM August 07, 2007

Our Not Fit For Purpose Government

Soft A-Levels

"But critics say that there is a growing body of
evidence to suggest that examinations are now easier...

11:12 AM August 06, 2007

Taxpayers funding births abroad

So we hear news about NHS budget deficits and hospitals not having enough money to clean wards properly.  Apparently, however,...

10:35 AM August 06, 2007

Weekly Waste Round-Up 70

NHS Supercomputer Unfit For Purpose

Zx80_3 The £12-20bn NHS Supercomputer...

10:39 AM August 04, 2007

Top-end salaries for bottom-end council

5:27 PM August 03, 2007

Sure Start - A Sure Failure


Sure Start, a...

12:40 PM August 03, 2007

Campaign News

West Midlands TPA Launch

The West Midlands TaxPayers’ Alliance officially opened for business after a launch event outside the uncompleted 'The...

10:42 AM August 03, 2007

Ministers told to back off from the Beeb

BbcThe appointment of Sir Michael Lyons,...

10:25 AM August 03, 2007

Non-Job of the Week

We have often wondered where all those Environmental Science graduates that new universities are so good at producing find employment...

7:23 PM August 02, 2007

At the West Midlands TPA Launch...


Front row: Chris D. Kelly, Blair...

1:18 PM August 01, 2007

The Folly of "Food Miles"


When terms like “fair...

11:41 AM August 01, 2007

NHS Pay- A Triumph Of Simple Shopping

Support our petition against THE pUBLIC arts centre

Wmtpapublicpetition The West Midlands TaxPayers'...

6:42 PM July 31, 2007

West Bromwich has paid the price for Sandwell Council's High Tax Policies

The West Midlands campaign launched this morning outside 'The Public' gallery in West Brom.  As one of the most scandalous...

6:38 PM July 31, 2007

Prolonging The Agony Of School

12:25 PM July 31, 2007

Quality not quantity is the way to improve education standards

Geraldine Everett, chairman of the Professional Association of Teachers, told the PAT annual conference in Harrogate:

“Here is a Government...

12:10 PM July 31, 2007

Bonuses for failing flood defence bosses should be paid back

The Telegraph has reported that despite claims that water bills would have to rise to pay for additional flood...

11:17 AM July 31, 2007

TPA Launches West Midlands Campaign



10:10 AM July 31, 2007

West Midlands Waste Dossier

This document sets out the dismal record of politicians wasting taxpayers' money in the West Midlands.

Download West Midlands Waste...

3:49 PM July 30, 2007

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