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Our supporters include those who run businesses operating in many industry sectors...

3:34 PM July 30, 2007

Private equity firms show the need for simpler, lower taxes for all

The Taxpayers’ Alliance exists first and foremost to defend the interests and rights of ordinary hardworking taxpayers.  It is...

3:33 PM July 30, 2007

Launch Flyer

WmtpalaunchflyerThis A5 flyer sets out,...

3:31 PM July 30, 2007

NHS Pay Plan has failed

The Telegraph reports that the 'Agenda for Change' reform of NHS pay has failed to deliver improved productivity, according...

12:21 PM July 30, 2007

Limits Of Taxation Update

'Green Tokenism' - Government Cars


Car of choice for Hollywood movie stars and British civil servants

New research by the TaxPayers'...

10:58 AM July 30, 2007

Weekly Waste Round-Up 69

PFI Debt- Slightly Uncooking The Books

Thousands of patients dying thanks to poor management in the NHS

The Times reported yesterday that the National Patient Safety Agency has found that thousands are dying every year thanks...

12:04 PM July 27, 2007

Public service reform to stall - what public service reform?

An interesting article by Nicholas Timmins in the Financial Times today looks at whether public service reform will stall...

11:58 AM July 27, 2007

ID Cards: Already Burning Money

Teaching To The Test

Splish Splash Splosh!

Red Tape Industry

Non-job of the week

SmallbluebinThis week we turn our...

6:22 PM July 25, 2007

Encouraging words from Cameron on trade


For far too long...

4:17 PM July 25, 2007

Worthless government pledges to cut red tape

Last year, Gordon Brown committed the Government to reduce the total cost to businesses and charities of regulation from £20...

12:00 PM July 25, 2007

Whitehall paying over the odds for outsiders

An interesting piece by Sue Cameron in today's Financial Times reveals how outsiders recruited into the top ranks of...

11:22 AM July 25, 2007

Postman Pat-ernalism needs reform

6:33 PM July 24, 2007

More congestion...

The future may look a little brighter today for those in the West Midlands who are in opposition to costly...

6:14 PM July 24, 2007

Government doesn't have a magic wand



1:13 PM July 24, 2007

A Night At The Fag Packet Olympics

Temping Docs

Cost of Government Day: Monday 23 July

The TPA has extended the concept of Tax Freedom Day, long championed by the Adam Smith Institute and now...

11:03 AM July 23, 2007

Weekly Waste Round-Up 68

Police (In)Efficiency

On Burning our Money we have always doubted claims that our £17bn pa police...

7:57 PM July 21, 2007

Spinning Crime

Delays for road pricing

Councils in the West Midlands have failed to come to any agreement on the prospect of a road pricing scheme...

2:14 PM July 20, 2007

Audit warns of more Olympic Overspend

Burning_money A report form...

10:50 AM July 20, 2007

Ambulances for the obese

West Midlanders who live in fear of ill health, not because of hesitations about local treatment, but due to worrying...

5:50 PM July 19, 2007

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