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A Viking revolt over indirect taxes?

In 787 AD, according to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, Britain experienced its first ever Viking raid when a group of warriors...

4:47 PM July 19, 2007

We're all going to get sent to Climate Camp...

...if we don't sign up to big new taxes on hard-up manufacturing industry and good old family holidays.

I saw this...

11:59 AM July 19, 2007

Protectionism in Europe is on the rise

Merkel_3 The Wall Street Journal...

10:57 AM July 19, 2007

It just gets worse at the BBC

Bbc It’s been a very...

10:50 AM July 19, 2007

More power for quango

Just as the West Midlands breathes a sigh of relief this week following announcements confirming that the undemocratic regional assemblies...

6:44 PM July 18, 2007

Non-job of the week

Smallbluebin Recently we published a...

10:33 AM July 18, 2007

"End" Of Targets

The causes of political disengagement

10:28 PM July 17, 2007

Ofsted succumbing to Parkinson's Law?

On 1st April this year Ofsted was re-launched as the Office for Standards in Education, Children'sOfsted_2

The 'Recall' - how to hold politicians to account

One problem we face in British politics is the over-centralisation of the political system.  Taxpayers are often financing a system...

1:18 PM July 16, 2007

Metronet Meltdown

More excuses for increasing tax on business

The Times reports that this week the government has proposed to allow local authorities to levy an additional tax...

11:25 AM July 16, 2007

The Global Warming Industry in Local Government

Yesterday the Sunday Telegraph reported on a TaxPayers' Alliance study of local government's attempts to fight global warming:


11:09 AM July 16, 2007

BBC Brussels Bias

Antieu We blogged a while...

10:19 AM July 16, 2007

24/7 Government Delayed Due To Technical Operating Difficulties

Weekly Waste Round-Up 67

Mixed messages from the Tories on regional government

9:04 PM July 14, 2007

Latest TPA Email Bulletin

Campaign News

Visit the new TaxPayers' Alliance website...

Launched at the weekend, the new TPA website has a...

6:50 PM July 13, 2007

The Land Of Golden Goodbyes

So long regional government?

It is now looking increasingly likely that the West Midlands will be bidding adieu to its regional assembly after it...

12:08 PM July 13, 2007

Further evidence of tax credit failures

In its annual audit of the department, the National Audit Office yesterday refused to sign off HMRC's annual accounts,...

11:19 AM July 13, 2007

"Beyond the Dome" - coming tomorrow

The TaxPayers' Alliance is putting out a major report tomorrow on the scale of overruns in public sector capital procurement...

7:20 PM July 12, 2007

Liberal Democrat Tax Proposals

Download Reducing the Burden: Policies for tax reform (PDF)

There are some good ideas in the Liberal Democrat tax proposals:

5:49 PM July 12, 2007

Fruit Fiasco

Make Bribery and Corruption History

More affordable housing doesn't translate to lower property taxes

Gordon Brown has announced that housing, and providing housing for first time buyers in particular, will be the main...

8:56 PM July 11, 2007

Money spent for no good purpose by those who don't know

An article in the Birmingham Post on Monday reported that Nasim Awan, the chairman of Springfield Neighbourhood...

5:39 PM July 11, 2007


Whilst smokers around the rest of the country have been banished to outdoor shelters, there is one place the United...

5:27 PM July 11, 2007

Sandwell spends more money on Tourism Officer

BBC Radio West Midlands reported this morning that Sandwell Council has appointed a new Tourism Officer in order to attract...

12:32 PM July 11, 2007

More money wasted on waste at Tower Shamlets

Early this year we released our Town Hall Rich List which showed that Tower Hamlets, one of the poorest...

11:09 AM July 11, 2007

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