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George Osborne gives advice to new Chancellor

In an interesting op-ed in the Observer, the Shadow Chancellor had plenty of advice for Alistair Darling, as he...

4:57 PM July 02, 2007

Grade Inflation can't be fixed by new grades

722When governments look to fight...

2:48 PM July 02, 2007

Poor priorities in our prisons

It’s been a good month for prisoners.  First came the news that dozens will be released early to ease on...

11:17 AM July 02, 2007

Weekly Waste Round-Up 65

In the news this week:Tourdrugs_2


10:30 AM July 02, 2007

Brown's pensions raid has also cost savers

New calculations by Mike Warburton and Maurice Fitzpatrick at Grant Thornton are yet more evidence of the damage that...

10:19 AM July 02, 2007

Weekly Waste Round-Up 61

In the news recently:

NHS negligence cost us £4bn- "BRITAIN could have had 16 giant new hospitals...

4:35 PM June 18, 2007

More students taking soft GCSEs

Today the Telegraph reports that the number of students passing five good GCSEs in English, maths, science, a modern language...

4:30 PM June 18, 2007

Unaccountable monopolies kill people

A Healthcare Commission report shows that 99 out of 394 trusts are failing to take basic steps such as...

4:28 PM June 18, 2007

Shock: BBC biased, sky is blue etc...

The BBC has today come under fire for promoting its own agenda of ‘trendy causes’ in a report commissioned by...

4:14 PM June 18, 2007

TaxPayers' Alliance Annual Review 2006

The TaxPayers' Alliance has produced its first Annual Review:

Download the 2006 TPA Annual Review (Pdf)

7:00 PM May 30, 2007

Tax Credits System Still Fraught with Errors

Today it has been announced that the amount of overpayment in the tax credits system has fallen. Reuters reports...

2:57 PM May 25, 2007

The Town Hall Rich List

This report used the Freedom of Information Act to discover a startling number of local government employees being paid over...

2:55 PM May 25, 2007

The Bumper Book of Government Waste

Bbogw_anim Welcome to the world of waste. You...

2:51 PM May 25, 2007

Whitehall pensions

This report lists details of 100 civil servants with pension pots of over £500,000.

Download Whitehall pensions (PDF)

2:49 PM May 25, 2007

The Political Payroll

The taxpayer funds an increasingly large army of government political appointees.  This report investigates some of the salaries we're paying.

2:48 PM May 25, 2007

The Case Against Taxpayer Funded Parties

The case against political parties being bailed out by the taxpayer.

Download The Case Against Taxpayer Funded Parties (PDF)


2:46 PM May 25, 2007

Life is easier in the public sector

This report shows how working life is easier in the public sector than the private sector - more pay, fewer...

2:40 PM May 25, 2007

Councillors' allowances

Councillors' allowances up again, and the best place to be a councillor.

Download Councillors' allowances (PDF)

2:02 PM May 25, 2007

The public see the continuing problems with public services

An FT Harris poll confirms that most people see little improvement since 1997 in schools or hospitals....

10:47 AM May 25, 2007

Better Government Position Paper

In this document Patrick Barbour discusses the problems created by the present system of government and the principles by which...

10:38 AM May 25, 2007

Better Government Opening Press Release

This press release outlines the problems the Better Government campaign seeks to address and sets out the results of an...

10:37 AM May 25, 2007

Tax Freedom Day response

TPA response to Tax Freedom Day, which in 2007 fell on 1 June. The report compares estimates of Tax Freedom...

6:59 PM May 24, 2007

Dynamic model of the UK economy

The TPA commissioned the respected Centre for Economics and Business Research to build a dynamic model of the UK,...

6:46 PM May 24, 2007

The real cost of Gordon Brown

This report shows how, if Gordon Brown had not increased the tax burden, the basic rate of income tax could...

6:15 PM May 24, 2007

Flat Tax: Towards a British Model by Allister Heath

A fair income tax which taxed all income at the same percentage would dramatically improve incentives, while bureaucracy could be...

4:41 PM May 24, 2007

Tax Reform Commission response note

The TaxPayers' Alliance responds to the Tax Reform Commission report.

Download Tax Reform Commission response note (PDF)

4:00 PM May 24, 2007

Total Lifetime Tax

How much will the average person pay in tax during their lifetime?  Find out in this TaxPayers' Alliance Research Note.

3:51 PM May 24, 2007

The List of Shame

Today's Third Reading debate on David Maclean's Freedom of Information Amendment Bill has just concluded after several hours with a...

12:33 PM May 24, 2007

Cotroversies: From Brussels and Closer to Home

Controversies from Brussels and closer to home Dr Lee Rotherham With a foreword by Lord Lamont

8:47 AM January 26, 2007

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