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Expensive ‘shared space’ in Bath?

The Council in Bath is planning to spend £1.2m of taxpayers’ money on a ‘shared space’ in the city centre,...

9:07 AM September 17, 2014

Discovering the limits of FOI legislation

For the last year, Bath & North East Somerset (B&NES) Council have repeatedly refused to answer my Freedom of Information...

9:17 AM September 11, 2014

What’s going on in Wroughton?

There is a phantom national museum in southwest England that is supported with taxpayers’ money – and yet taxpayers can...

9:17 AM September 10, 2014

Revealed: The taxpayer-funded £108 million trade union subsidy

New research by the TPA can reveal that trade unions received at least £108 million in subsidies from taxpayers in...

9:17 AM September 09, 2014

Assessing MoD manpower

report by the Public Accounts Committee released today has accused the Government of botching the restructuring of the Army.

4:13 PM September 05, 2014

Our Research Informs the Stamp Duty Debate

Dominic Raab, the Conservative MP for Esher & Walton, quoted TaxPayers’ Alliance research in his piece on the “rapacious impact”...

4:12 PM September 04, 2014

Announcing ThinkTent 2014 at Conservative Party Conference

We’re delighted to announce that together with the Institute of Economic Affairs, Business for Britain, and the Free Enterprise Group...

4:12 PM September 03, 2014

“Unusual” decisions at Salford Council under the spotlight

This morning saw Salford Council’s Audit Committee meet to discuss the findings of an internal report into the exact circumstances...

5:19 PM September 01, 2014

“White Elephant” Scheme Comes Under Fire in Bristol

Bristol residents are angry at a £200m “white elephant” bus scheme that won narrow approval at a council meeting

4:38 PM August 28, 2014

NEW RESEARCH: The taxman chases you all the way to the departure gate

New research from the TaxPayers’ Alliance shows that punishingly high taxes on holiday items, insurance and flights have forced up...

12:58 PM August 22, 2014

War on Waste hits Southend-on-Sea

TPA activists visited Southend-on-Sea yesterday as part of our national War on Waste campaign. 

12:52 PM August 21, 2014

Facebook page provokes Council backlash in Berwick

Berwick Town Council has spent £1,511 threatening a Councillor over a facebook page exposing the alleged misuse of Council powers...

12:44 PM August 19, 2014

Planning costs pile up for Mike Watts

Good news to see that B&NES council leader Paul Crossley is finally congratulating Mike Watts for building his Kelston Toll...

12:39 PM August 19, 2014

“Tax Now, Die Later” – A Letter to the Editor

In response to yesterday’s Daily Telegraph story, “Savers could pay death tax while they are still living,”, our Chief Executive was published...

11:13 AM August 12, 2014

Bath toll road hero hit by Council charges

12:23 PM August 11, 2014

Cardiff Says No To Sugar Tax

Supporters of the Taxpayers’ Alliance were in Cardiff on Saturday campaigning against Plaid Cymru’s proposed tax on fizzy drinks. With...

11:58 AM August 11, 2014

War on Waste rolls into Canterbury

Yesterday The TaxPayers’ Alliance took the War on Waste to Canterbury. Stationed outside the Beaney Library we split off into...

10:08 AM August 07, 2014

Road repairs drive taxpayers up the wall

South West TPA supporter Malcolm Leaver has been doggedly pursuing his local council for information on the cost to the...

10:44 AM August 06, 2014

New laws make council hearings more transparent

Today sees Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, sign into law new rules banning councils from...

10:41 AM August 06, 2014

Scrap ‘sneaky’ National Insurance, says PwC Citizens’ Jury

PwC senior economist and former Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee member Andrew Sentance has called for political parties to...

10:39 AM August 05, 2014

TaxPayers’ Alliance reveals the 2,181 council staff earning more than £100,000

The TaxPayers’ Alliance is proud to present the eighth Town Hall Rich List, the Who’s Who of senior local government...

10:32 AM August 05, 2014

Destination Luton for APD Campaign

On Thursday, five people and a cardboard cut-out set out on a noble quest: to persuade the good people of...

10:26 AM August 01, 2014

Treasury cashing in on housing crisis with Stamp Duty ratchet

The Treasury is cashing in on the housing crisis with Stamp Duty revenues approaching record numbers and millions more being...

10:16 AM August 01, 2014

Holiday Tax Campaign Arrives in Liverpool

On Wednesday, three of us from Tufton Street made our way to Liverpool John Lennon Airport to continue our week...

10:11 AM July 31, 2014

COMMENT: We need a proper MPs Recall Bill

Yesterday Andy Silvester wrote on the Spectator blog, arguing for a proper Recall Bill.

4:18 PM July 30, 2014

COMMENT: Slapping a new tax on supermarkets won’t help small businesses or shoppers

Dia Chakravarty wrote for the Conservative Home website this morning, slamming the proposals to implement a new tax on supermarkets.


3:48 PM July 30, 2014

Payouts in Wales

Figures released last week by BBC Wales have highlighted that local authorities have spent £30m of taxpayers’ money on redundancy packages.


4:17 PM July 29, 2014

TPA protests the hated Holiday Tax in Bristol

TPA supporters protested against Air Passenger Duty (APD) in Bristol Airport yesterday, setting up a stall in the departure zone...

4:17 PM July 29, 2014

A Town Council with an unfortunate penchant for hoarding

It’s slightly unusual for a council at the parish level to feature on this blog, but Dover Town Council has...

3:48 PM July 29, 2014

World's Fastest Speaker vs the UK Tax Code

5:30 PM July 26, 2014

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