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'The impact of business rate changes' panel discussion

Last night we hosted a panel discussion on an issue that has dominated the news agenda for the...

4:24 PM February 28, 2017

Big decisions needed on what the state should and shouldn't be doing

Responding to the news that the Government is looking for new spending cuts of up to 6%, John O'Connell, Chief...

11:03 AM February 28, 2017

The business rates revaluation

The recent storm over business rates centres on the upcoming revaluation of commercial properties, which comes into effect on 1st...

12:01 AM February 27, 2017

TaxPayers' Alliance launches briefing note on business rates ahead of the Budget

  • Campaign group says that revaluations should be automated and carried out annually to avoid big, unexpected tax hikes
  • Heathrow...

12:01 AM February 27, 2017

TaxPayers' Alliance calls for immediate sale of RBS shares

Responding to the news that Royal Bank of Scotland has announced its ninth consecutive multi-billion pound loss, Alex Wild, Research...

12:07 PM February 24, 2017

How much could HS2 end up costing taxpayers?

Despite the huge financial risks and recurring records of failure and late delivery, large infrastructure projects are much coveted by...

12:01 AM February 20, 2017

HS2 is a bottomless pit: delivering it 'under budget' might cost taxpayers £90.8 billion

Research by the TaxPayers' Alliance shows government-managed large infrastructure projects have a poor record of being delivered on budget, with...

12:01 AM February 20, 2017

TPA polling shows 84 per cent don't believe HS2 will benefit them personally

As HS2 clears its final hurdle in Parliament on Monday, new polling has discovered that 84 per cent of the...

12:16 PM February 19, 2017

Cardiff raise Council Tax by 3.7%

Council Tax has been a burden on thousands of families throughout Cardiff, with taxpayers from all walks of life seeing...

11:08 AM February 10, 2017

A dedicated 'NHS' tax

Sky News have commissioned a poll that says 2/3 people would be willing to pay more income tax if...

9:34 AM February 09, 2017

Hodge-Bodge: Surrey County Council’s Referendum Farce

Two days ago, I attended Surrey’s County Council’s debate on their proposed Council Tax referendum. According to Council Leader David...

9:10 AM February 09, 2017

Making the taxman work for the taxpayer

To read the research paper, click here

In 2010 the former Chancellor, George Osborne, called the tax system...

2:02 PM February 08, 2017

Making the taxman work for the taxpayer

This is a guest post written for the TaxPayers' Alliance by Dominic Raab MP.

The UK tax code is too...

11:06 AM February 08, 2017

TaxPayers' Alliance welcomes Surrey County Council's decision to back down from a 15% Council Tax hike

TaxPayers' Alliance welcomes Surrey County Council's decision to back down from a 15% Council Tax hike 

  • Decision...

2:27 PM February 07, 2017

Margaret Hodge's book on government waste: 'Called to Account'

Margaret Hodge MP, former Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee and vocal critic of government waste, has published a new...

5:43 PM February 01, 2017

Dame Margaret Hodge speaks to the TPA's John O'Connell about her new book

Last night saw our first major event of the year, with Rt Hon Dame Margaret Hodge MP speaking to John...

11:20 AM January 31, 2017

TaxPayers’ Alliance light up Piccadilly Circus on the eve of Peer’s ‘Fatal Motion’ on HS2


As Peers prepare to debate the HS2 Bill during its Third Reading...

8:54 AM January 31, 2017

Scrap HS2: Peer's 'Fatal Motion' offers last chance to save the nation £90 billion

Lord Framlingham has today tabled a "fatal amendment" on the HS2 Bill before it goes for its Third Reading next...

3:37 PM January 25, 2017

How should we fund social care?

With the social care system struggling to meet demand, which is only increasing thanks to demographic pressures, a long term...

10:43 AM January 20, 2017

Clause and effect – how to prevent government contracts from going wrong

Rousseau’s Social Contract may have seen man as being everywhere in chains, but many of the state’s contracts with private...

1:52 PM January 17, 2017

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