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People are NOT happy to pay more taxes

Politicians on the left often talk about how happy people are to pay taxes. Half of voters have...

12:22 PM September 02, 2016

A lot remains to be done to cut waste in the NHS

Further spending reduction plans in the NHS have been reported today as NHS England, which needs to find £22bn...

2:00 PM August 26, 2016

It is time for a proper debate about the future of our NHS

For some, the National Health Service is more than just a healthcare system - it is a sacred cow moulded...

10:50 AM August 23, 2016

TaxPayers’ Alliance announces changes as it launches major grassroots initiative

The TaxPayers’ Alliance (TPA) is today announcing that Jonathan Isaby, the TPA’s serving Chief Executive, is leaving to take up...

10:01 AM August 18, 2016

Onwards and downwards: why we should be optimistic about fracking

Last week a new government initiative, the Shale Wealth Fund, was announced in a bid to get fracking...

4:24 PM August 15, 2016

Pulling taxpayers' teeth

Last year our Public Sector Rich List revealed the staggering pay packets received by some NHS dentists.

30 dentists...

1:08 PM August 09, 2016

Sensible suggestions for tax changes

Our Chief Executive, Jonathan Isaby, has a letter in The Times today:

Sir, James Sproule, of the Institute of...

1:14 PM August 08, 2016

Southwark Council spend £15,000 on logo rebrand

Guido Fawkes reports that Southwark Council have spent £15,400 on a

The aid budget needs greater scrutiny

An Investigation by the BBC has revealed that a charity receiving taxpayers’ money has links to a strange group...

9:52 AM August 03, 2016

BBC pay should be subject to the same rules as other public bodies

The Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) had previously decided that only BBC staff earning over £450,000 should have...

2:38 PM August 02, 2016

Theresa May committed to unfair pension triple lock scheme

The “triple lock” promise – that pensions will always rise by whichever is higher out of inflation, earnings growth or...

5:35 PM August 01, 2016

What's happening at Hinkley?

Today the government was widely expected to sign contracts with French utility giant EDF to build two nuclear reactors at...

11:54 AM July 29, 2016

Parliamentary Committee shows HMRC puts taxpayers’ welfare on the line

A Public Accounts Committee (PAC) report released yesterday has highlighted how the incompetence of HMRC has harmed taxpayers....

9:39 AM July 28, 2016

New controversy around UK Inheritance tax

Earlier today, an article published in the Telegraph highlighted a number of new controversies surrounding the topic UK’s inheritance...

10:58 AM July 26, 2016

NHS Medical Blunder Pot Doubles to £56bn

The NHS faces a compensation time bomb as provisions for hospital clinical negligence claims have almost doubled since last year...

1:31 PM July 25, 2016

Council’s recycling plan turns out to be rubbish

On the 4th July, Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council introduced a new £2.4 million recycling service. The vehicles bought would have enabled...

11:09 AM July 22, 2016

Policy Victory: NHS 'ghost patients'

In response to a written question from Valerie Vaz MP in 2013, health minister Norman Lamb revealed that in 2012...

10:49 AM July 20, 2016

When it comes to Trident, value for money is still important

With a vote on the principle of renewal of Trident set to take place in Parliament today, it is essential...

4:46 PM July 18, 2016

Abolition of Departments of BIS and ECC

Prime Minister Theresa May set out her stall yesterday by merging two Whitehall departments into a giant new office that...

1:46 PM July 15, 2016

SSRO's proposals encouraging for taxpayer

In 2014/15, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) placed new contracts worth £11.5 billion. Of these, £5.4 billion were “single source”...

11:52 AM July 12, 2016

HS2 - do we need a rethink?

4:41 PM July 08, 2016

The Committee on Climate Change has spoken: let us frack

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) have this week given a nod, if a cautious one; to plans...

12:42 PM July 08, 2016

Public appointments need strong scrutiny

The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee (PACAC) has today published a damning report on the changes to the...

12:55 PM July 07, 2016

Would cutting Corporation Tax further turn the UK into a “tax haven”?

Responding to George Osborne’s plans to cut corporation tax to less than 15 per cent, John McDonnell, the...

10:47 AM July 05, 2016

High-Speed 2 or Medium-Fast 1?

Many doubts have been raised over High-Speed 2 but it may even need to be renamed Medium-Fast 1.

11:16 AM June 30, 2016

What a load of rubbish: Oldham council reduces bin collections

Oldham will be the latest Manchester council to change black bin collections to every 3 weeks, instead of...

11:14 AM June 30, 2016

The Taxpayers' Alliance are heading to Woking

The The TaxPayers' Alliance will be bringing their campaign to Woking on Thursday 21st July.

At 13:00 we'll be leafleting...

10:00 AM June 20, 2016

A truly sad day

Everyone has been shocked by the horrific killing yesterday of Jo Cox, the MP for Batley and Spen in West...

12:52 PM June 17, 2016

NHS pensions are bleeding the taxpayer dry

Our Chief Executive Jonathan Isaby has a piece in The Times today, not on the BHS pension scheme, but on...

11:18 AM June 16, 2016

New Problems With HMRC Revealed

“Callers to a [HMRC’s] tax helpline were kept on hold so long, [hold music] became the UK’s second most streamed...

12:28 PM June 14, 2016

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