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Costing the Common Fisheries Policy

The report sets out the first ever comprehensive costing of the Common Fisheries Policy, and argues that it has been...

10:28 AM January 27, 2007

Cotroversies: From Brussels and Closer to Home

Controversies from Brussels and closer to home Dr Lee Rotherham With a foreword by Lord Lamont

8:47 AM January 26, 2007

Better Government Report

The first report of the new “Better Government Campaign” shows that public services are failing because politicians lack the management...

3:07 AM January 03, 2007

Annual Non-Job Report 2006

The report presents the salary bill for jobs advertised in Society Guardian and picks out the most egregious examples that...

3:07 AM December 29, 2006

The Real Cost of Gordon Brown

The research note shows that if the tax burden as a share of GDP had stayed at its 1997 level,...

3:07 AM December 03, 2006

Moving Britain Backwards

Written by former World Bank economist Keith Marsden, the paper tears apart Gordon Brown’s economic record and shows how Britain’s...

3:07 AM December 01, 2006

The Hundred Club

Presents a list of 100 senior civil servants with pension pots of at least £500,000. 

9:00 AM November 26, 2006

Public Sector Rich List 2006

This note presents a list of the 170 most highly paid people in the public sector – people earning above...

9:00 AM November 03, 2006

Life is Easier in the Public Sector

The research note shows how public sector workers enjoy higher pay, fewer hours, more days off sick and more generous...

10:00 AM October 26, 2006

TPA Response to the Tax Commission Report

The TPA welcomes the recommendations of the Tax Reform Commission report to reduce and simplify taxes, but argues that the...

10:00 AM October 16, 2006

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