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An estimate of the effect of the Soft Drinks Industry Levy on employment

As has repeatedly been found amongst countries that have attempted them, sugar taxes have been poor at improving public health....

12:00 AM July 11, 2016

HS2 - do we need a rethink?

4:41 PM July 08, 2016

The Committee on Climate Change has spoken: let us frack

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) have this week given a nod, if a cautious one; to plans...

12:42 PM July 08, 2016

Public appointments need strong scrutiny

The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee (PACAC) has today published a damning report on the changes to the...

12:55 PM July 07, 2016

TaxPayers' Alliance responds to the junior doctors' rejection of the new contract

Reacting to the news that the British Medical Association have voted to reject the new contract agreement with the Government,...

1:22 PM July 05, 2016

TPA spokesmen available to comment on junior doctors' vote on new contract

According to breaking reports, the British Medical Association have voted to reject the new contract agreement with the Government. 

The TaxPayers'...

12:57 PM July 05, 2016

Would cutting Corporation Tax further turn the UK into a “tax haven”?

Responding to George Osborne’s plans to cut corporation tax to less than 15 per cent, John McDonnell, the...

10:47 AM July 05, 2016

TPA urges politicians to map out a positive vision for taxpayers

With the United Kingdom voting to leave the European Union, it is essential that politicians put together a plan for...

9:05 AM July 05, 2016

Britain after Brexit: A positive vision for taxpayers

The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union so it is essential that politicians put together a plan...

7:30 AM July 05, 2016

TaxPayers' Alliance welcomes Osborne's plan to cut Corporation Tax

Responding to Mr Osborne's interview with the Financial Times where he reveals his plans to cut Corporation Tax,...

9:10 AM July 04, 2016

High-Speed 2 or Medium-Fast 1?

Many doubts have been raised over High-Speed 2 but it may even need to be renamed Medium-Fast 1.

11:16 AM June 30, 2016

What a load of rubbish: Oldham council reduces bin collections

Oldham will be the latest Manchester council to change black bin collections to every 3 weeks, instead of...

11:14 AM June 30, 2016

The Government must now carry out voters' instructions in a calm and measured way

Commenting on the referendum result, Jonathan Isaby, Chief Executive of the TaxPayers' Alliance, said:

"The British people have spoken...

6:08 AM June 24, 2016

The Taxpayers' Alliance are heading to Woking

The The TaxPayers' Alliance will be bringing their campaign to Woking on Thursday 21st July.

At 13:00 we'll be leafleting...

10:00 AM June 20, 2016

A truly sad day

Everyone has been shocked by the horrific killing yesterday of Jo Cox, the MP for Batley and Spen in West...

12:52 PM June 17, 2016

NHS pensions are bleeding the taxpayer dry

Our Chief Executive Jonathan Isaby has a piece in The Times today, not on the BHS pension scheme, but on...

11:18 AM June 16, 2016

Osborne's threats of unjustified tax hikes stretch the limits of his credibility to a new level

Commenting on George Osborne's threats of massive tax rises in the event of the country voting to leave the EU...

8:57 AM June 15, 2016

New Problems With HMRC Revealed

“Callers to a [HMRC’s] tax helpline were kept on hold so long, [hold music] became the UK’s second most streamed...

12:28 PM June 14, 2016

When foreign aid doesn't help

On the same day as the Westminster Hall debate on the 0.7% Foreign Aid target The...

Foreign aid has ceased to be about results

The government usually acts or passes a new law because it has a certain outcome in mind. It might be...

12:20 PM June 13, 2016

Mexican evidence shows Sugar Tax will have no meaningful impact on calorie intake

The TaxPayers' Alliance (TPA) today renews its call for the Government to abandon its proposed Sugar Tax, as new research...

7:52 AM June 13, 2016

Estimates of the effect of the Soft Drinks Industry Levy based on the sugar tax in Mexico

Several countries tax sugar-sweetened beverages, one of the most recent being Mexico. In 2014, a one peso per litre on...

12:00 AM June 13, 2016

Sorry, Prime Minister. There is no such thing as 'government money'

At Prime Ministers’ Questions yesterday, the man himself spoke about something that doesn’t actually exist.

Responding to a question...

1:19 PM June 09, 2016

Members of the Board - Key findings and media

On Monday the TPA published research on quangos and particularly who sits on their boards. These quangos can have...

10:17 AM June 08, 2016

TPA Compendium of EU-related research

As we have previously made clear, the TaxPayers’ Alliance is not campaigning for either side in the impending EU...

4:39 PM June 07, 2016

Throwing caution to the wind: how English onshore turbines are increasing your energy bill

England is simply not windy enough for more turbines. That’s according to RenewableUK chief executive Hugh McNeal, who’s quoted in...

4:04 PM June 06, 2016

Jobs for the boys: The quangocrat merry-go round

The TaxPayers' Alliance reveals today that despite the government's repeated pledge of a "bonfire of quangos", over 3,000 positions were...

1:00 AM June 06, 2016

Members of the board

In October 2010, the Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude announced that 192 Quasiautonomous Non-Governmental Organisations (quangos) would be abolished and...

12:59 AM June 06, 2016

Tax Freedom Day 2016

Happy Tax Freedom Day! Today is the first day of the year that you start earning money for yourself! 

1:00 AM June 03, 2016

The cost of silence

The House of Lords plays a crucial role in scrutinising the Government and its legislation – not least because so...

11:16 AM June 02, 2016

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