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Southwark Council spend £15,000 on logo rebrand

Guido Fawkes reports that Southwark Council have spent £15,400 on a

TaxPayers' Alliance reveals the first ever 'Nanny State Rich List'

The first ever Nanny State Rich List, published today by the TaxPayers' Alliance, reveals that hundreds of public health bosses - some with...

2:00 AM August 04, 2016

The nanny state rich list

The influence of the public health lobby seems to be increasing. Not only do we have several quangos dedicated to...

12:05 AM August 04, 2016

The aid budget needs greater scrutiny

An Investigation by the BBC has revealed that a charity receiving taxpayers’ money has links to a strange group...

9:52 AM August 03, 2016

BBC pay should be subject to the same rules as other public bodies

The Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) had previously decided that only BBC staff earning over £450,000 should have...

2:38 PM August 02, 2016

Theresa May committed to unfair pension triple lock scheme

The “triple lock” promise – that pensions will always rise by whichever is higher out of inflation, earnings growth or...

5:35 PM August 01, 2016

What's happening at Hinkley?

Today the government was widely expected to sign contracts with French utility giant EDF to build two nuclear reactors at...

11:54 AM July 29, 2016

HS2 is an expensive vanity project which must be scrapped

A new report from the TaxPayers' Alliance today calls on the government to scrap the wasteful HS2 project.

The business...

1:00 AM July 29, 2016

Rich man’s toy: The case for scrapping HS2

High Speed 2 is part of the Government’s effort to increase rail capacity between the North and South of England...

12:05 AM July 29, 2016

Parliamentary Committee shows HMRC puts taxpayers’ welfare on the line

A Public Accounts Committee (PAC) report released yesterday has highlighted how the incompetence of HMRC has harmed taxpayers....

9:39 AM July 28, 2016

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