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TPA slams decision to award Alex Salmond resettlement grant

Following the news that Alex Salmond MP received almost £30,000 in a resettlement grant after leaving Holyrood, Jonathan Isaby, Chief Executive...

6:05 PM August 09, 2016

Pulling taxpayers' teeth

Last year our Public Sector Rich List revealed the staggering pay packets received by some NHS dentists.

30 dentists...

1:08 PM August 09, 2016

Sensible suggestions for tax changes

Our Chief Executive, Jonathan Isaby, has a letter in The Times today:

Sir, James Sproule, of the Institute of...

1:14 PM August 08, 2016

Property taxes in the UK and the regions

Property taxes impose a substantial burden on taxpayers across the country, despite frequent claims that property in the United Kingdom is...

1:38 AM August 08, 2016

Property tax grab of £67 billion in 2015, reveals TaxPayers' Alliance

New research from the TaxPayers' Alliance (TPA) today reveals how all areas of the country - not just London -...

12:00 AM August 08, 2016

Southwark Council spend £15,000 on logo rebrand

Guido Fawkes reports that Southwark Council have spent £15,400 on a

TaxPayers' Alliance reveals the first ever 'Nanny State Rich List'

The first ever Nanny State Rich List, published today by the TaxPayers' Alliance, reveals that hundreds of public health bosses - some with...

2:00 AM August 04, 2016

The nanny state rich list

The influence of the public health lobby seems to be increasing. Not only do we have several quangos dedicated to...

12:05 AM August 04, 2016

The aid budget needs greater scrutiny

An Investigation by the BBC has revealed that a charity receiving taxpayers’ money has links to a strange group...

9:52 AM August 03, 2016

BBC pay should be subject to the same rules as other public bodies

The Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) had previously decided that only BBC staff earning over £450,000 should have...

2:38 PM August 02, 2016

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