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The NHS in its current form is simply not sustainable

9:54 AM November 05, 2015

HMRC will continue to struggle until we simplify the tax system

10:53 AM November 04, 2015

Kent Police: £776,000 more, for a poorer product?

In yet another example of shortcutting at the expense of taxpayers, a local news source in Kent revealed this month...

10:22 AM November 02, 2015

The problems with Kids Company are why we need more transparency

11:57 AM October 29, 2015

Cardiff residents oppose cuts in essential front line services.

The TaxPayers' Alliance seeks the best value from every penny collected by the Treasury. It isn't just national government that...

11:58 AM October 28, 2015

The TPA position on junior doctors' contracts

Junior doctors' contracts are being discussed in the House of Commons today as part of the Opposition Day Debate. Here's...

11:40 AM October 28, 2015

How will the DWP's Help to Work programme pan out?

The DWP released figures for the Access to Work programme which is very similar in scope to the programme...

11:54 AM October 22, 2015

HMRC's tax gap estimates

This morning, HMRC have published their estimates of the UK's tax gap, and it turns out to be rather...

10:08 AM October 22, 2015

Redcar doesn’t want to lose jobs - but neither does China

First Redcar and then Tata Steel announced further job cuts in the steel industry. Exactly what is going on...

1:51 PM October 21, 2015

Announcing the Waste Archive

We often have people contacting us with stories of wasteful spending. We are always extremely grateful for the input and...

8:36 AM October 15, 2015

A 'One Planet' Wales?

The Welsh Government’s ambitious plans to make Wales a ‘One Planet’ nation are in full swing. They have established numerous...

12:11 PM October 14, 2015

Fiscal charters sound good, but political traps are no substitute for action

John McDonnell’s u-turn on the fiscal charter is worrying. The Shadow Chancellor may, one day, have control of the nation’s...

11:56 AM October 14, 2015

Jonathan Isaby gives evidence to Trade Union Bill Committee

Yesterday our Chief Executive, Jonathan Isaby, gave evidence to the Trade Union Bill Committee, making the point that taxpayers' money...

11:04 AM October 14, 2015

Explaining our position on pensioner benefits

Yesterday I made some comments at a fringe event for which I want to apologise. They were crass, offensive and...

2:47 PM October 05, 2015

Simon Jenkins, taller buildings and the housing crisis

In an intriguing article, Guardian columnist and National Trust chairman Sir Simon Jenkins says there is no housing...

Monthly bin collections?

This week saw the introduction of the country's first monthly bin collection. Fife council in Scotland will collect waste just...

11:15 AM September 25, 2015

Local government pension schemes should resist political pressure

There has been a certain amount of noise recently suggesting that Local Government Pension Schemes (LGPS) divest from (sell so...

10:43 AM September 25, 2015

Taxpayers' money used to cut waiting times at lifts

In a recent poll by Survation, respondents were asked to list the first word or phrase that came to mind...

12:22 PM September 24, 2015

The Public Accounts Committee slams the Department for Communities and Local Government

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has criticised the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) for failing to collect information...

10:28 AM September 24, 2015

TaxPayers' Alliance join call to protect the Freedom of Information Act

The TaxPayers’ Alliance was one of 140 media organisations, campaign groups and charities to sign a joint letter to...

£3 million to fund China's next football star?

What is the Chancellor up to in China at the moment?

This morning George Osborne announced £3 million in funding for...

3:15 PM September 23, 2015

The NHS Tax

Perhaps the most surprising thing about Norman Lamb’s comments about the NHS today is that they have received coverage in...

2:54 PM September 22, 2015

Activist Training Day

Thank you to everyone who came to our Activist Training Day in London yesterday.

We ended up covering a wide...

11:14 AM September 22, 2015

Gilt glut

What are gilts?

The sale of gilts (UK government bonds) is the primary way in which the UK government finances...

4:09 PM September 21, 2015

The TPA campaigns in Tower Hamlets

On Saturday the TaxPayers’ Alliance took to the streets of Tower Hamlets as part of our ongoing War on Waste.


10:03 AM September 17, 2015

Surf (tax) is up

Cornwall Council’s plan to impose a new “surf tax” of up to £4,000 on watersports schools is not a...

12:00 PM September 15, 2015

Meet the new shadow chancellor

I enjoy a good upset victory as much as the next person, but the elevation of Jeremy Corbyn to the...

9:42 AM September 15, 2015

Free school meals to be abolished?

The Daily Mail published an article on Saturday that suggests that the 'flagship Liberal Democrat policy' of  free school...

4:33 PM September 07, 2015

IT costs across Whitehall soar by another 7 per cent

Whitehall departments have continued to defy the laws of physics this year; it seems that when it comes to IT...

2:02 PM August 24, 2015

There's a good story to tell about welfare reform

The news that the Department for Work and Pensions has been conjuring case studies from thin air to justify its...

9:21 AM August 21, 2015

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