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TaxPayers' Alliance calls for Corporation Tax to be replaced

Reacting to news that Facebook has rearranged its tax structure, Jonathan Isaby, chief executive of the TaxPayers' Alliance, said:


11:56 AM March 04, 2016

Corporation Tax is fundamentally unsustainable

The recent deluge of headlines about Google’s tax settlement with HMRC has once more demonstrated public anger with the tax...

11:49 AM March 04, 2016

Costing £1 billion and 8 years late - will e-Borders ever be delivered?

The running sore that is the e-Borders programme is continuing to cause trouble and is starting to look at...

10:40 AM March 04, 2016

Selling the Green Investment Bank is the right thing to do

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) is now accepting initial offers from those interested in buying the

2:26 PM March 03, 2016

TaxPayers' Alliance research reveals failing hospitals have spent almost £1 million on "Clinical Excellence Awards"

New research published today by the TaxPayers' Alliance reveals that hospital trusts rated 'Inadequate' spent nearly £1 million on Clinical...

9:57 AM March 03, 2016

NHS Clinical Excellence Awards

Distinction awards have long been a component of NHS remuneration, but the current system for consultants, Clinical Excellence Awards, was...

9:52 AM March 03, 2016

Responding to the Independent Commission on Freedom of Information

In July 2015, the Independent Commission on Freedom of Information was asked to look into the operation of...

12:41 PM March 02, 2016

The Scottish Government should exercise restraint with its new welfare powers

Yesterday the Scottish Government started debating whether it should use its new powers to increase the welfare bill. We think...

11:35 AM March 02, 2016

TaxPayers' Alliance calls for action on state pension age and tax cuts ahead of the budget

As speculation continues about the contents of the Chancellor's Budget on 16th March, the TaxPayers' Alliance is reiterating calls for...

11:17 AM March 02, 2016

Freedom of Information plays a crucial role in promoting transparency and accountability and it must be strengthened, say TaxPayers' Alliance

Reacting to the announcement by Cabinet Minister Matt Hancock that there will be no legal changes to the Freedom of...

10:56 AM March 01, 2016

Social media spending should not be a priority

Today The Sun wrote up a little bit of research undertaken by the TPA on social media spending by...

12:18 PM February 29, 2016

The TaxPayers' Alliance welcomes Chancellor's proposed spending reductions

Reacting to the Chancellor's announcement at the G20 meeting in Shanghai that further spending reductions may feature in March's budget,...

6:53 PM February 26, 2016

Junior doctors are going on strike: blame the NHS model

Junior doctors are going on strike again. The three planned walkouts are even more futile than the previous two now...

4:21 PM February 24, 2016

The NAO says departments need better scrutiny

With the delivery of major projects like HS2 underway, it is vital that value for money is considered at every...

11:31 AM February 23, 2016

Taxpayers' money must not be used to skew the EU referendum

Reacting to the news that EU referendum campaign has finally begun, Jonathan Isaby, Chief Executive of the TaxPayers' Alliance, said:


5:55 PM February 20, 2016

The TPA and the EU Referendum

Given the upcoming national referendum on the UK’s continued membership of the European Union, an increasing number of journalists and...

12:59 PM February 19, 2016

TaxPayers' Alliance slams plans for a regressive sugar tax

Slamming renewed calls for the hugely regressive sugar tax which would hit the poorest hardest, Jonathan Isaby, Chief Executive of the TaxPayers' Alliance,...

10:25 AM February 19, 2016

Flat rate tax relief on pensions

Successive governments have seen changes to the tax treatment of pensions as a means of increasing revenues. Nigel Lawson introduced...

1:00 AM February 18, 2016

Osborne should rule out a flat rate of relief on pension contributions that would hit Britain's 4.7 million self-employed hardest

Ahead of next month's Budget, the TaxPayers' Alliance is today calling on George Osborne to rule out a single rate...

12:00 AM February 18, 2016

The lower cost of government borrowing isn't strictly positive

The Times front page has a story about a windfall coming to George Osborne (£) in the next budget due...

5:00 AM February 17, 2016

TaxPayers' Alliance welcomes plans to ban taxpayer funded lobbying

Responding to the government's plans to ban charities using taxpayers' money to lobby ministers Jonathan Isaby, Chief Executive of the...

9:49 AM February 15, 2016

Further proof of NHS waste

The TaxPayers’ Alliance has done research on waste in the NHS recently including poor energy and water and

10:55 AM February 05, 2016

TaxPayers' Alliance to campaign for less wasteful spending and lower taxes in York City Centre

The TaxPayers' Alliance will be campaigning on Parliament Street between 12pm and 5pm on Thursday 11th February 2016. The eye-catching...

2:22 PM February 04, 2016

Progress on Local Government Devolution

Yesterday the Communities and Local Government Committee published its report into the state of local government devolution.

The outlook...

1:33 PM February 04, 2016

Better public sector estate use is good news for taxpayers

The latest State of the Estate report shows that the government estate has been reduced by 2.4 million m2...

12:16 PM February 04, 2016

Welsh Government's profligate spending on Cardiff Airport

Responding to the Audit Office report that the Welsh Government paid over the odds for Cardiff Airport, Lee Canning, Wales...

4:00 PM January 27, 2016

More concerns about IPSA

We have long had our concerns about whether IPSA – the quango charged with setting and administering MPs’ pay, pensions...

2:29 PM January 27, 2016

Sun comment: The reforms we need to fix our broken tax system

I wrote about tax reform for this morning's Sun (p.4). Below is the full version of the comment piece. It...

10:17 AM January 26, 2016

TaxPayers' Alliance calls for radical simplification of our nearly 21,000-page tax code

Reacting to the news of Google's £130 million deal with HMRC, Jonathan Isaby, Chief Executive of the TaxPayers' Alliance, said:


9:53 AM January 25, 2016

Do you know your horseplay from your hijinks?

While putting together the figures for 'Compensation claims made by local authorities' we started coming across some odd figures....

5:15 PM January 21, 2016

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