Nov 2011 24

In case you missed it, our recent report into the excessive motoring taxes paid by British drivers took centre stage in Parliament on Wednesday. We found that the residents of Maldon in Essex are clobbered by higher motoring taxes than anyone else in the country, so their local MP, John Whittingdale, asked David Cameron at Prime Minister’s Questions what he was going to do about this “intolerable burden”.

The Prime Minister replied by saying that he is “absolutely committed” to helping people with their motoring expenses at this time of economic difficulty – and you can be sure that we at the TPA will hold him to that. The Prime Minister added that the TaxPayers’ Alliance was doing “a good job” of highlighting the issue. Here’s the full exchange:

Jonathan is the Chief Executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance and never tires of reminding people that there’s no such thing as government money - only taxpayers’ money.

  • Gold Bug

    “absolutely committed”??? He should be.
    Is this like he was committed to a referendum, or cutting public spending? Only thing he’s committed to is himself.