Black market blues: why the UK must close the tax gap on tobacco, fuel and alcohol
Apr 2012 11

Writing for The Commentator, Emma Boon explains that as long as taxes on tobacco, fuel and alcohol are high, the Government will fail to tackle the serious and growing problem that is the illicit market.

A few weeks ago nearly 50,000 illegal cigarettes and 50kg of hand rolling tobacco worth £19,000 were seized by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in a series of raids on shops in Derby. That haul represents just one small part of a huge illicit market operating in Britain. It’s a constant battle for HMRC to try and stay one step ahead of the smugglers and their activities, which are costing taxpayers billions.

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Emma is the Campaign Director of the TaxPayers’ Alliance. She leads efforts to change policy through powerful campaigns and is the voice of the TPA in the media.

  • LordBlagger

    It’s going all Greek.

    Tax evasion and avoidance left right and centre because people can’t afford to pay tax and the other things they want. 

  • johnincheshire

    Yet another legacy from Mr Brown and his socialist cohorts, and perpetuated by Mr Cameron and his not very less socialist cohorts.