COMMENT: Government proposes to filter legal content for child safety
Apr 2012 18

Writing for The Commentator, Dominique Lazanski argues  that the government continues to suffer from poor research, ‘fag packet’ proposals and a general lack of understanding of the web issues that face the UK today.

Today, a cross party group of MPs announced widespread filtering of the Internet in the UK. Under the proposals, the group has said that Internet Service Providers have the responsibility to filter ‘inappropriate content’ from children.  This announcement is yet another example of the lack of understanding in new technologies by this Coalition Government.  More importantly, it sends a clear signal internationally that the UK is willing to engage in these kinds of dictatorship-style policies and it sends a message to all parents across the UK that the government knows best.

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Dominique has spent over 12 years in the Internet industry, and focuses on net neutrality and government regulation online.

  • jorjun

    I already block my young children’s’ internet access. Best place for this is on the client device, not at the ISP. But that might be too commonsensical…

  • Roland_gilmore

    Common sense indeed but technically inept parents need to be given the ABC of how to do it; not proclamations from equally inept politicians.