Cut Cider Tax!

July 17, 2013 5:13 PM

The South West Taxpayers’ Alliance launched their ‘Cut Cider Tax’ campaign at the Love Food Festival at historic Dyrham Park in South Gloucestershire. Bath TPA supporters set up their stall alongside local food producers and award-winning cider makers, urging local foodies and cider lovers to sign their petition.

"Almost a quarter of the price you pay for a pint of cider goes to the taxman," says South West Grassroots Coordinator Tim Newark. "It’s too much in these tough times and it has negative impact on the thousands of people employed in the South West in cider production. We had a great success with our campaign for lower beer tax earlier this year and we feel it’s only fair to help cider drinkers and makers too!"

The TaxPayers’ Alliance will next be attending the 11th Bristol Cider Festival on Friday August 2nd and Saturday August 3rd. Come and see us at our stall. Or please sign our online petition below calling on the Chancellor to scrap the Cider Duty Escalator.

If you’d like petition sheets to pass on to friends and colleagues, you can download them here, or contact our South West Grassroots Coordinator Tim Newark at or phone us at 020 7998 1450.

UPDATE: Since we first began this campaign we've received support from all over the country. Below is a selection of some of our events and results

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