David Rice

Name: David Rice
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commented on Public Sector Rich List - Education 2016-01-03 21:53:19 +0000 · Flag
It seems to me that the excessive increase in student fees and their subsequent debt has been used to fund massive wages and pensions etc for the so called elite. This seems the same old story throughout the public sector. At some point things will have to return to a sensible and acceptable level. The argument that high wages attracts the best does not seem to be justified. In the public sector it just seems to attract the greedy and often incompetent with their heads up their backsides and poorly performing.
commented on The Public Sector Rich List 2015 2015-12-03 23:11:38 +0000 · Flag
It seems clear to me that the cost of administration is swallowing up the revenue intended for ground level services. The cost of massive council departments with over inflated wages , guaranteed pensions and poor productivity , means the money collected is not getting to the place it is intended. Over the years the amount of labour intensive services have been contracted out. This surely should mean a natural reduction of staff in council offices but quite the opposite seems to have occurs. Local authorities were set up to administer funds on behalf of the public. Not to swallow it up in empire building and internal job creation. Politicians need to get to grips with these monsters and cut them back to size. Reducing wages, stop guaranteed pensions and increase productivity. Many council taxpayers struggle to pay council tax ,of which i understand about a third goes to a massive guaranteed pension scheme, while not being able to afford a pension of their own. These monsters need taming.