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In response to the front page of The Times “Taxing Sugar (£)” from January 6th 2016 our Director, Jonathan Isaby, wrote to The Times to correct the article.

Sir, Your leading article (“Taxing Sugar,” Jan 6) overlooks several important points.

Firstly, the tax would be regressive, hitting the poorest hardest.

Secondly, international evidence does not support a sugar tax: studies in the United States have shown that it did little to reduce fizzy drink consumption, with people switching to other high calorie drinks; and Denmark abolished a similar ‘fat tax’ after 15 months because it simply didn’t work.

Thirdly, statistics from public health campaigners are wildly misleading: the proportion of children overweight or obese peaked over a decade ago and has been slowly falling since; and average sugar consumption is falling.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, whatever happened to personal responsibility? We must stop seeking to slap taxes on the poorest and let education and awareness programmes bed in.

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Don't tax sugar - The Times
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