Oct 2010 13

At the TPA, we have produced a lot of research looking at waste in the European Union.  Here are just a few of the findings about how the EU spends its budget:

  • £2 million on EU bands and orchestras.
  • The number of staff at EU quangos has grown 23 per cent in a single year.
  • £3.4 billion a year on its own parallel foreign service.
  • Libraries that cost £570 per loaned book, or £580 per visitor.
  • £68,000 on promotional free gifts to support EU PR campaigns
  • £1.4 million on a programme to define God.

All that wasteful spending is paid for by ordinary taxpayers in Britain, £20.8 million a day in net contributions.

With a crisis in the public finances and British taxpayers struggling following a decade of tax hikes, the Government have to cut spending.  But at the EU, where there is so much waste, spending is set to rise substantially.

That is completely unacceptable.  Thankfully some MPs have announced they are going to oppose it.  ConservativeHome has a list of those who have pledged to support an amendment attacking the rise.  Here is where it stands right now:

1. Steve Baker
2. Guto Bebb
3. Brian Binley
4. Peter Bone
5. Douglas Carswell
6. Christopher Chope
7. James Clappison
8. Geoffrey Cox
9. Philip Davies
10. David Davis
11. David T C Davies
12. Jackie Doyle-Price
13. Richard Drax
14. Mark Field
15. Zac Goldsmith
16. Chris Heaton-Harris
17. Gordon Henderson
18. Philip Hollobone
19. Chris Kelly
20. Kwasi Kwarteng
21. Andrea Leadsom
22. Dr Julian Lewis
23. Anne Main
24. Stephen McPartland
25. Patrick Mercer
26. David Nuttall
27. Priti Patel
28. Andrew Percy
29. Mark Reckless
30. Andrew Rosindell
31. Richard Shepherd
32. Graham Stuart
33. Mr Andrew Turner
34. Charles Walker

If your MP is on the list, then good news, otherwise use this tool and write to your MP urging them to put their name to the amendment or explain why they want more of your money going to the EU while we get higher taxes and cuts at home.  The debate is later today so send an e-mail immediately if you want to avoid more of your money being sent to Brussels.

Matthew was the Chief Executive of the TaxPayers' Alliance, author of Let Them Eat Carbon and editor of How to Cut Public Spending (and still win an election)