Jun 2010 28

There seems
to be some confusion over whether British eggs are under threat – or at least
the practise of selling them by the half dozen. Is the EU really planning
to ban it

In a nutshell,
it is happening, and chances are it won’t.

There is
legislation in the pipeline; the mechanics are set out succinctly here.

There is also
an established track record. Notwithstanding the Commission’s favourite list of
so-called “Euromyths”, there has been EU-level legislation on the permitted curvature
of bananas, cucumbers, and even leeks. Harmonisation of volume, shape and scale
is seen as an obvious adjunct to the Single Market, rather than as a marker of
national identity or a familiar tool to the individual.

On the
other hand, the measure is obviously controversial, and has yet to be signed

The basic
constant is that the earlier the public becomes aware of some outrageous
proposal, the easier it is for governments to block it – or indeed for the
Commission to realise measures have gone a step too far. The final shape of much
of the legislation that has previously featured in the pages of the Express, Mail or Sun has the
contentious clauses dropped in the end precisely because of the level of scandal

I rather
doubt that the familiar egg pack will now be under threat, at least for another
few years (these things are cyclical). The journalists have done us a service.
But you can bet your bottom dollar that the proposed loss of the familiar egg
carton will now join the list of “Euromyths”; embarrassments that in truth were
near-misses, had we not had such attentive MEPs, staff and journalists on the

Lee is a Research Fellow at the TPA. Co-author of the hit Bumper Books of Government Waste, he is an extensively published EU expert and front bench adviser.

  • Denis Cooper

    No need to worry – as the EU Parliament is at present unlawfully constituted,
    has been so since December 1st 2009 and will remain so until at least December 1st 2010, all of its new acts such as this are in any case legally null and void.

  • david white

    Timing is everything.Given the current economic climate and the need to make drastic cuts which even the French are having to come to terms with the door must now be open for a real push to do away with the crazy and hugely expensive EU parliament meetings in Strasbourg.

  • http://mikecunningham.wordpress.com/ Mike Cunningham

    As with most things E.U. centred, the small items are the ones which generate most ire.
    What should be in our headlines is the disgraceful lack of any accountability of the clowns who actually waste their days not thinking about these things.
    After all two eggs are un ouef!

  • Edward Tench

    More rubbish.
    Keep it up.
    btw which party was responsible for the TRAITORUS European Single Market Act 1986 and the signing of the Maastricht Treaty in 1992?