Our response to David Cameron’s speech on Europe
Jan 2013 23

Reacting to the speech David Cameron has just delivered, Matthew Sinclair, Chief Executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said:

“It is absolutely right that the Prime Minister should be seeking a better relationship with the European Union for the UK. When they see how the EU institutions spend our cash, it’s little wonder that the British people are crying out for fundamental change, not just tinkering at the edges.

“It is also essential that whatever deal he secures is put to the people in a referendum: as of today, no-one under the age of 55 has had the opportunity to have their say on this issue, so a referendum is long overdue.

“However, Mr Cameron cannot necessarily afford to wait until 2015 before embarking on this renegotiation: as efforts continue to deal with the ongoing eurozone crisis, there are likely to be considerable changes in the structure and nature of the EU sooner rather than later. This will have big implications for the UK and will present the exact opportunity we require to seek a better deal from our continental partners.

“Mr Cameron must also continue to make it clear that he will countenance withdrawal from the European Union if our continental partners do not agree to the better deal he proposes for the UK. If not, he will have surrendered our strongest trump card before even entering the negotiating chamber.”

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=511521418 Thomas Andrew Howell

    And he can deal with it no sooner Mr. Sinclair; even if renegotiations were on the table (his European colleagues have said they are not) it could not be discussed with convening an AGM to which every country would have to agree to our demands.

    I want to know the meat of this: it sounds like he is saying Yes: to a renegotiated membership, No: pull out of EU, the former being based on what the colleagues are willing to give him (if nothing, what then Mr. Cameron?) and if the latter by what means? Article 50 in the Lisbon Treaty? repealing the ECA leading to over 200 treaties, unilateral agreements with other countries and global regulations going down the pan causing wide-spread economic turmoil?

    I am all for leaving the gentlemans club known as the EU but not without a long term vision; something the peon Mr. Cameron isn’t offering by a long shot.

  • Quercy

    Cameron is simply playing for time and trying to get those of us who left the Conservative Party for UKIP, to return… Poor chap forgets that he made a promise once before and failed to deliver.

    Our continental lords and masters in the Politburo will never agree to any meaningful changes and Cameron knows this, so why delay?? Let’s have a referendum before the next election and forget about the waste of time ‘negotiating the repatriation of powers’…

    Nothing Cameron has said changes anything, so…

    VOTE UKIP, that we may VOTE OUT!!!