EU Fiscal Factbook

September 29, 2013 10:00 AM

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Front cover

EU gross contributions, 2011: £11,600,000,000

Per day - £31,780,822

Per hour - £1,324,201

Per minute - £22,070

Per second - £368

Time to read title - £4,414

Pages 3, 4 and 5 (UK gross and net contributions)

European Commission Budget Statement

Page 7 (EU budget)

Page 8 (Examples of wasteful spending)

TaxPayers’ Alliance and Bureau of Investigative Journalism

Page 9 (Spending on advertising)

Open Europe

Page 10 (Taxpayer-funded politics)

Institute of Economic Affairs

Page 11 (Cost of travelling to Strasbourg)

Brussels-Strasbourg Seat Study Group

Page 12 (Embassies)


Page 14 (The cost of EU regulation)

Open Europe

Page 15 (The cost of the CAP and CFP)

TaxPayers’ Alliance

Page 16 (Seven figure CAP subsidies to UK landowners)

BBC Panorama

Page 17 (CFP discards)

TaxPayers’ Alliance

Page 18 (The cost of the ETS)

TaxPayers’ Alliance

Page 19 (Annual cost of labour regulations)

Open Europe

Page 21 (EU vs World GDP)

World Bank

Page 22 (Exports to the EU)

World Trade Organization

Page 23 (Tariffs on imports to the EU)

World Trade Organization

Page 24 (Free Trade Agreements, % of world GDP)

World Trade Organization

Page 26 (State spending as a proportion of GDP)

Eurostat, Heritage Foundation

Page 27 (Debts and deficits)


Page 28 (Youth unemployment)


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