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Our campaigners across the country play a valuable role in exposing waste, supporting local council tax payers, and raising media awareness of our campaigns

There are several ways for you to get involved and become a campaigner:

What do we do?

SUPPORTERS: How YOU can help The TaxPayers’ Alliance


TPA Supporters are core to the success of our campaigns and the wide influence we have.

Anyone can join our network of supporters who help spread awareness of our organisation, our goals and our voice as the champion of the taxpayer.

By subscribing to our email newsletter, Supporters receive regular updates on the progress of our campaigns as well as our ongoing research. Through donations Supporters ensure that we can continue to hold government to account and keep pressure on politicians to deliver what is best for taxpayers.

The work we do simply could not be achieved without the help of our supporters. If you would like to help us continue this work, then you can sign up to our email newsletter, donate and of course keep advancing our ideas and vision in your day-to-day life.

ACTIVISTS: Putting our Ideas into Practice


TaxPayers’ Alliance Activists help transform our ideas into real policy accomplishments.

It is through the generous dedication, energy and hard work of our regular volunteers that we can achieve the best results for taxpayers. By joining us on our Action Days, by advocating reform in every region of the country and by setting up local branches of The TaxPayers’ Alliance, our activists work tirelessly on a grassroots level to achieve meaningful change.

Volunteers can aid us by distributing our leaflets which helps to spread our ideas ever further. At the same time, Local Coordinators can organise action days that focus on local or national issues. Alongside this, volunteers can write to their local newspapers and MPs to help expose and publicise spending abuses, absurd tax policy and government overreach. Our activists bring attention to these issues and help create the momentum needed to push through change.

We always welcome new activists. If you are driven, enthusiastic and want to make change happen then consider becoming an activist!

WESTMINSTER VOLUNTEERS: How Students can help us make a difference


The TaxPayers’ Alliance offers campaigning opportunities in our Westminster office for students and young people.

Joining gives you the opportunity to assist us in the organisation and coordination of our campaigns. As part of the Action Team you will get a hands-on experience in working in a political campaigning organisation, help contribute to research and expand your own campaigning skills. 


Our activists in Exeter have protested with gusto at the plans by Exeter Council to build a new swimming pool at the cost of £20 million. Gaining wide spread attention in a number of local papers, our activists have shown what a grotesque waste of money the new swimming pool would be. Local coordinator Tim Newark has been at the forefront of highlighting how the swimming pool plan has little local support and all the hallmarks of absurd misuse of spending.


In Bath, South West TaxPayers’ Alliance members rallied together with ‘Independent Shops of Bath’ to support Widcombe Traders. Traders in the area had been plagued by road works that made doing business there far more difficult. The road works were meant to be completed by Christmas but dragged on for many more months. TaxPayers’ Alliance supporters alongside local shops were able to put pressure on Bath and North East Somerset Council over the unruly mismanagement of road works in the area, the result of which shone a light on the scale of council mishandling.


Meanwhile Ian Taylor, Local Coordinator for TaxPayers’ Alliance East Kent, last year was able to draw attention to the vast  £746,163 spent by Kent Council on bonuses meant to ‘attract and retain’ staff. The money, according to policy, was only meant to be spent in ‘exceptional circumstances’ but as Ian told the Dover Express the council seem to be spending it with incredible ease.



Alongside our grassroots movement TaxPayers’ Alliance has had a number of highly successful national campaigns. Foremost among them is the ‘Stamp Out Stamp Duty’ campaign which helped create pressure to reform the malign and unpopular tax. The impact of our campaign was seen in the Autumn Budget of 2014 when it was announced that Stamp Duty would be reformed, saving taxpayers £800 million. However, our campaign isn’t over! We still need your help and support to bring about the complete abolition of Stamp Duty.