More back door tax increases in Sheffield
Apr 2012 03

News of more taxation through the back door from Sheffield City Council. In February I wrote about huge hikes in the cost of parking permits for residents and businesses. Now the council intends to introduce charges for garden waste collections.

Residents who wish to keep their green wheelie bin will get it emptied if they pay an annual fee of £57.60. Alternatively, residents can pay £12 for 10 green sacks. This is on top of the announcement last month that the council intends to scrap weekly bin collections

I know Sheffield is not alone in introducing garden waste collection charges. Unfortunately it is a growing trend, as highlighted by Ian Taylor recently. This is a slippery slope though. What other council services are going to attract a charge in the future? Are councils going to ban us from putting recyclable items in our main rubbish bin, and then start charging for removing our recyclable waste? Don’t think this sounds far fetched. Would you have thought a few years ago that weekly bin collections would be scrapped across the country? Would you have thought that councils would start charging for removing garden waste?

If you live in a residents’ parking zone area in Sheffield and are a two car family, you will pay an extra £40 a year for your permits. Add £57.60 to that figure to get your garden waste emptied, you can see why many people in Sheffield must be thinking: so much for a council tax freeze!

Andrew was the TPA's National Grassroots Coordinator

  • Kenarf

    Do you imagine there is no cost involved in collecting and processing garden waste? Tell those people who object to such charges to buy a ‘Green Johanna’ a dalek-shaped device that will compost almost anything.

  • thecapitain

    either reduce council tax or charge for these bins – simples.

  • Tigger

    All my rubbish goes in the main bin, I gave up recycling when a trip to the local waste centre with a van full of cardboard and I was told it was commercial and I’d have to pay £35

    The pay for bags scheme is what my business premises has to do, no prizes for guessing where that waste goes too :)

  • Steve

    Give me an option to only pay for weekly waste collections and the other services I use then we are taking. Goodbye fixed council tax.

  • Ben

    That’s hilarious. Cllr David Burbage (known to local people as “Burglar Burbage” or “Dodgy Dave”) of Windsor and Maidenhead – one of your pin ups did this  years ago – but you made him a pin up for cutting about £20 of council tax over 4 years. You didn’t mention his stealth taxes like the 1000% rise in charges he introduced for elderly day care centres or the 400% rise in charges for home care. Other councillors you have made “pin head” for increasing their allowances – but again not, Mr Burbage, who with his colleagues voted themselves a 95% pay rise as their first action in power. It truely seems that you are quite random and superficial in your analysis.

  • ReefKnot

    Councils are not supposed to be increasing their revenues, they are supposed to be reducing their costs. This is just another example of Councils treating those who pay their salaries and pensions with utter contempt – because they can.

  • Roger

    Sheffield should charge for collecting green garden waste.  After all, if you’re producing garden waste then you’ve got a garden, so shred/burn/compost the ******* stuff!