Trafford announces Council Tax freeze
Jan 2013 29

Trafford Council has today announced it will freeze Council Tax in 2013-14 and aspires to a freeze again the following year. This is great news for local residents, especially as many other Greater Manchester councils have announced plans for an increase. Rochdale and Oldham have announced a 3.5 per cent rise, and Manchester has announced a hike of 3.7 per cent. We will be protesting against those those councils on Saturday 16 February in Albert Square, Manchester, at 12 noon.

Trafford is the lowest funded Greater Manchester authority, yet it has the lowest Council Tax. Over a number of years, Trafford has demonstrated that keeping Council Tax bills low doesn’t mean that services will be decimated.  The borough is keeping all of of its libraries open, is investing in adult social care, and crime continues to fall.

Today we are pleased to name Cllr Sean Anstee, Executive Member for Finance at Trafford Council, as our first “Pin-Up” of 2013. We occasionally anoint someone a TPA Pin-Up when they have saved public money or acted in the interests of the hard-pressed taxpayer (whereas TPA “Pinheads” have done the opposite). Cllr Anstee certainly makes a worthy Pin-Up.

Andrew was the TPA's National Grassroots Coordinator

  • questioner

    For an organisation which promotes a tax simplification approach, I think the TPA should be a little smarter when talking about council tax. How much of a council’s spend comes from council tax? Roughly 20% – the rest is from other forms of taxation (income tax, VAT etc).
    What this means is that fiddling with the rate of council tax isn’t the same as reducing taxation overall. The complexities of teh funding formula for councils mean that ordinary mortals have little chance of knowing whether 0% Trafford is actually costing them less than, say, 3.7% Manchester. It also doesn’t guarantee that Trafford are managing their expenditure any better than the others.
    Come on, TPA – get stuck into the real-world complexities of this stuff!

  • hbda

    Then why has my household bill gone up for the second year running with no communication as to why and how we are to resolve this repeating situation? Trafford Council consistently treats my household with below par regard and seem to quite desperate to get myself and my flatmate evicted despite us both being classed as high risk individuals. Just how are we supposed to find money to pay rates we cant afford for housing we have been put into by the same people trying to remove us? I can’t magic money out of thin air and my budget is so tight I eat once every other day. Not happy at all for the second year running.