"Green Taxes" more painful than ever

June 05, 2015 1:57 PM

This week saw the publication of new figures on the burden of ‘green’ taxes on Britain’s families.

Somewhat remarkably, the Treasury revealed that it raked in £44.6 billion in 2014 from a variety of renewable levies, up from £43 billion in 2013. To compare, in 1994 the bill was only £19 billion – equivalent to about £33 billion now.

The figures show in black and white just how painful so-called ‘green taxes’ have become. The cost of renewable energy taxes to subsidise wind and solar farms rose in just one year by more than a fifth, to £2.9 billion.

Of course, these taxes fall on families in the form of higher energy bills. The Office of National Statistics reckon that the average family now hands over some £765 a year in these  ‘green taxes’ – a ludicrously high figure.

Jonathan Isaby, Chief Executive, spoke to the Daily Telegraph about the revelations.

"Our myriad green taxes push up energy bills for hard-pressed families and pensioners across the country at a time when we can ill afford it.

"The Prime Minister memorably said that this weighty burden would be lifted, but it appears the government needs to redouble efforts to do so. For all the pressure being applied on energy companies, the easiest way to bring energy bills down is to reduce the taxes placed on them."

Jonathan was also quoted in the Daily Express.

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