Apr 2011 15

The TaxPayers’ Alliance has released astonishing footage of the world’s fastest speaker, Steve Woodmore, reading aloud from the books that contain the UK tax code.

It comes after the TPA released this research showing how the Tolley’s guides for individual taxes have grown over the last decade. Guides for Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Capital Gains Tax, and Inheritance Tax have all sharply increased in length, reflecting excessive tax legislation.

Matthew Sinclair, Director of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said:

“The tax code in the UK is one of the longest and most complicated in the world. With one sticking plaster after another successive governments have produced a hideous mess. It would take even the world’s fastest reader days to get through the epic guides, so most people don’t know the rules they are supposed to comply with. While some companies have the scale and resources to comprehend such complex rules, small businesses will find it difficult to comply and risk suddenly discovering they are in breach of the law or missing out on valuable reliefs. At the same time it is harder and harder for people to know how they are really being taxed. We urgently need to simplify the system, to make it easier to understand and transparent.” 

Britain's independent grassroots campaign for lower taxes

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  • Paul Myles

    The negative aspects of human behaviour accretes incrementally and over time.
    It is our inability to clear the accretion which is to the benefit of the professional beaurocrat and the detriment of the public
    Paul Myles BSc (Hons) Psyhol. MSc MBPsS

    • Hyades

      Surprisingly sloppy grammar and poor spelling for someone with 2 degrees.

  • Anonymous

    I know precisely how much tax I pay. Too roomin’ much!

  • Christian

    Indeed, would love to have something closer to a postcard return!

  • Anonymous

    To make tax as simple as possible, why not stop taxing people altogether ! just think of the savings getting rid of all the tax office staff ! How great would we feel.

  • Jkroberts197

    I am now 63 and have begun to wonder HOW these Tax people manage to make so many difficulties for the ordinary tax payer. I thought that they were intelligent enough to know the difficulties they make for the average family. Families have enough problems to contend with, but certainly there is no way that we can understand the intracasies of our tax system. Anyone with money enough to employ an advisor on the tax system is very lucky. No doubt politicians are very good at looking after themselves, as they always used to, but now we have the technology to find out. It is certainly something that should be attended to. Its simplear NOT to work, and live on Benefits. Something I, and many decent people in this countrywouldnt do. It is a disgrace, and is leading to trouble. Hopefully the Government will look into this, or is that too hard to hope for? Kathryn

    • Stella Harris1

      Yes, why is this Tax Code so long?!!!

  • raymond francis jones

    Unthinkable to have such a mess,but its there.best reason yet to fiddle
    the tax man and say, “WELL i DIDN’T KNOW ” who could argue with that.

  • Bob

    The tax code that you have identified clearly illustrates the problem. Apart from simplifying it, we could reduce the number of unemployable hangers on civel servatnts. Approximately one fith of this bu=nch can be sent to the labour exchnage./

    Bob bennett M.B.E.

  • Peter Day

    It time to replace it with a simple ‘flat-tax’, as extolled by UKIP, rather than the current social engineering tax system extolled by all 3 of the main parties