May 2011 13

Rally Against Debt

The Rally Against Debt is being held at Old Palace Yard in Westminster, central London, at 11am on Saturday 14th May.

Old Palace Yard (pictured above) is situated in between Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament, a short distance from Victoria train station and walking distance from both Westminster and St James’s Park tube stations.

The Rally will start at 11am and finish in good time for the FA Cup final, and during that time there will be the opportunity to hear experts explain why they are rallying against debt, and to see the TPA Debt Clock – a giant digital display counting up the country’s national debt. We are pleased to announce that the following guests have agreed to speak:

Paul Staines, political blogger (Guido Fawkes)
Mark Littlewood, Director General of the Institute of Economic Affairs
Priti Patel MP, Member of Parliament for Witham
Matthew Sinclair, Director of the TaxPayers’ Alliance
Bill Cash MP, Member of Parliament for Stone
Martin Durkin, documentary filmmaker and activist (Britain’s Trillion Pound Horror Story)
Nigel Farage MEP, Member of the European Parliament for South East England

TPA Debt Clock

If you need a reminder of the reasons behind the rally, why not take a look at our Why Rally Against Debt fact sheet, or check out the official website FAQ. And if you’re on Facebook, why not join the official event page?

This is, of course, a protest, and while we will be providing some placards we would love to hear your ideas for banners, placards and flags to bring along. Some of the suggestions we’ve received so far:

Mind the fiscal gap
Wake up to Britain’s debt
UK credit card is maxed out
Stop the shopaholic government
Stop spending my money
Reckless waste bankrupting Britain
There is no alternative
No more EU bailouts
Stop reckless politicians spending our money
UK: highest deficit in the G20
Short term thinking, long term pain
National interest vs vested interest
The first cut is the cheapest

We’d also love to see your pictures and videos from the day – you can email them to [email protected], post them to our Facebook wall, or share them on twitter using #rallyagainstdebt.

Above all, we hope that everyone enjoys themselves, while taking the opportunity to make a serious point about the importance of dealing with Britain’s horrific national debt.

Britain's independent grassroots campaign for lower taxes

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  • Joe Sheedy

    Can I please advocate for the age old “Don’t Tread On Me” and “Taxed Enough Already!”


  • offshore

    Another suggestion for your placards:

    “Screw the disabled – let them beg!”

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  • Mosheff

     Wish I could be there… but hope all goes well for those who attend… keep up the fight….

  • Conroe45

    support taxing the super rich and solve the debt problem.  Oh no.  Of course this would hit the majority of yoru membership where it hurts.  

  • Michael

    I heard about it on the day or I’d have gone.