New fuel tax stands at forecourts across the country show the true cost of taxes on petrol and diesel
Aug 2012 21

We’ve today launched a major new campaign with the Petrol Retailers Association (PRA) to highlight the burden that excessive fuel taxes are placing on motorists and retailers alike. Our latest campaign against high taxes is targeted where they hurt the most, at the pumps. Working with the PRA, over 5,000 Fuel Tax Stands have gone to independent forecourts across the UK so that customers can see exactly how much of their cash is going straight to the Treasury.

The stands show that 60 per cent of what customers pay at the pumps goes straight to the tax man.  When drivers pay £30 at the till, around £18 of that is paid straight to the Exchequer, with only the remaining £12 covering the cost of the fuel – including just £1 to the retailer.

Click here to view the Fuel Tax displays

At the same time the TPA has created a website allowing users to write directly to their local MPs about the excessive level of fuel tax. The site will add to great work done by Fair Fuel UK and other campaigners who have worked tirelessly for a fair deal at the pumps. The campaign has been backed the The Sun newspaper which has long called for the Government to ease the burden on motorists.

Click here to visit and call on your MP to oppose increases in Fuel Duty

  •  The 60 per cent tax rate is made up of Fuel Duty, VAT on the fuel and VAT on the Fuel Duty
  • The UK has the highest tax component of unleaded petrol and diesel prices in the entire European Union
  • In June 2012 the Chancellor postponed the planned August 2012 3p rise in Fuel Duty, but it is now due to come into effect in January 2013
  • This raises the possibility of back-to-back duty increases of over 3p per litre – Fuel Duty and VAT combined – in January 2013, which could then be followed by a nearly 2p per litre rise in April 2013. That would mean a 5p per litre combined tax hike on fuel in the first three months of 2013 not including VAT unless the Government changes course
  • Previous TPA research has shown how drivers are charged £18.1 billion in excessive motoring taxes, and those living in small towns, the suburbs and rural areas are hit hardest

With greater transparency at the tills, pressure will mount on the Chancellor to cut Fuel Duty by 5p per litre over five years or at the very least to freeze Fuel Duty for the rest of this Parliament.

Matthew Sinclair, Chief Executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance said:
“Fuel Duty is an excessive and unfair burden on struggling families, whether they need to get to work, take their kids to school or do the weekly shop. Businesses also struggle with rising costs moving their goods. Too often staff in the forecourts get the flak for high fuel prices which are really the result of exorbitant taxes set by politicians. That is why we produced the new fuel tax stands to show customers how much tax they actually pay when they fill up. By displaying it on their counter, retailers will be able to set people straight when they vent their frustration over high petrol and diesel prices. Fuel Duty should at least be frozen for the rest of this Parliament, and motorists really deserve a cut in excessive taxes.”

PRA Chairman Brian Madderson said:
“We believe that the fuel tax stand is the perfect way to help explain to our customers that far from profiteering from high fuel prices, fuel retailers are also suffering as the Government takes 60% of the cost of every litre. This amounts to a total “tax take” ofmore than £30 billion from forecourts every year.”

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  • CTD

    And you honestly think that if fuel tax is cut the PRA will slash the price in fuel, if you think that then you are a bunch of fuels

  • Fuel Card People

    The Fuelcard People, whose fuel cards are used by commercial road user nationwide, has announced its support for the campaign.
    Steve Clarke, general manager of The Fuelcard People, said: “We exist to help commercial road users reduce their fuel costs, so wholeheartedly support this campaign and ask others to join us. Having the highest fuel taxes in Europe is no help for an economy trying to climb out of recession.”
    Steve Clarke said, “Every one of our customers is affected by rising oil costs and ever-increasing fuel duty and we are not prepared to stand by and do nothing about it. Our commercial rate fuel cards enable users to pay less than pump prices for petrol and diesel, which helps, but we still want people to join us in supporting this campaign. If enough people support the campaign, the government will have to listen eventually.”
    As the only supplier to offer discount fuel cards covering every major oil company brand, The Fuelcard People has a history of partnering with other organisations helping commercial road users. These include TomTom Business Solutions, Fleetcheck and a wide range of trade associations. It is also regularly at the forefront of campaigns promoting the interests of van, truck, coach and car fleet operators. It remains the only UK fuel card supplier with ISO 9001 quality certification.

  • gildedtumbril

    There are hidden or stealth taxes on fuel you seem not to recognise. When Lord Dyldeaux of Dyldeaux Oil Exploration has a dream that 3 holes drilled in the North Sea will yield gas in one and oil in the other two, he has to bid for a drilling franchise, TAX! this is passed on down the line to the suckers at the pump.There are other stealth taxes to be found, if you look hard enough. The final insult, as we all know is the bloody VAT (actually a simple sales TAX) at the pump. TAX upon TAX upon TAX.
    Britain needs a new name. I suggest Taxmania.
    Another thing…has no one at the TPA not noticed the very quietly kept fairly secret cost of the ‘servicing’ of all Mps? Last I heard, about 10 years ago it was a whopping £i million p.a. each. That’s 650 million quid to provide all costs to the HoC.I assume it includes the monogrammed HoC toilet paper, stationary, laptops travel etc. Look into it and compare with e.g. Switzerland.
    Hell, forgot to mention. I believe the level of TAX on fuel is over 90%.

  • R_i_c_h_B

    Why do you insist on calling it 60% tax when it is 150%?
    It is an additive tax, like VAT.
    If the fuel is 150p/l and 60% of this is Tax, that means the fuel cost is 60p and the Tax on top is another 90p.
    That is a 150% tax.
    There is no sublety in the maths, it’s not a trick, so why do you not talk about this correctly?

  • esteban

    Lets start boycotting suppliers for one day no one gets petrol from; say esso, shell,dont use thier products for one day they may get he mesdage to lowet prices