OFT is right to blame high taxes for the high cost of petrol
Jan 2013 30

Responding to the Office of Fair Trading Report on fuel prices, Matthew Sinclair, Chief Executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said:

“It has been clear for some time that the high cost of petrol in this country is simply a result of high taxes. Today’s OFT report vindicates the decision by the TaxPayers’ Alliance to focus on the taxes that make up sixty per cent of the petrol price – the highest in the EU – rather than the relatively low prices before tax.

“Motorists who need to drive to work, take their kids to school and get to the shops are suffering with petrol prices which are so high. But it is politicians who need to give them a better deal with lower Fuel Duty.”

Our successful Freeze Fuel Tax campaign  fuel tax stands on display at thousands of petrol stations around the country telling motorists that 60 per cent of the pump price is tax. Click here to read more about the campaign.

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  • blarg1987

    So if you reduce the tax on this, where would you apply it to?

  • Samson

    The Office of Fair trading blames, the huge rises over the past decade solely on Government tax hikes and global oil costs, In some respects I totally agree with this comment, yes the double taxation by our Government is mainly to blame, but they are totally wrong as far as the supermarkets are
    In Sudbury Suffolk our Supermarket price of road-fuel is almost always more expensive than the same supermarket twelve miles away, and that
    same supermarket in a town just twenty miles from Sudbury is £1.389 compared with rural Sudbury Suffolk at £1.429 , or 4p a litre more expensive, living in Rural Suffolk a car is needed
    Does this say tour Supermarket value their customers, or take the advantage of every penny they can take from loyal customers, no they couldn’t careless, customers are just customers that pay vast sums of money to them, beyond that they mean nothing, strange really, those who have everything always want more from those who have got little.

  • hasbo

    The cost of petrol has to be artificially priced or how is it always priced at 0.99
    on the end. We do,nt have a coin any lower than 1p.

  • Charlie

    Nothing to do with futures traders buying up oil for delivery in twelve months, thus causing a shortage and selling it at a profit after 11 months without ever taking delivery?

  • Liam Payne

    Charlie has hit the nail on the head.
    There is no shortage of crude, There is no problem with the technical side of the supply chain, the price is pushed up by greedy speculators and HM Greed.
    But Edmund King is right, none of this addresses the Rocket Rises and the Feather Falls. That’s down to supply chain greed.

    The primary purpose of our government is the protect the people of the UK. They’re doing a crap job in this regard; in fact thay are part of the problem.