TaxPayers’ Alliance reacts to IPSA polling that suggests MP’s want a 32% pay rise
Jan 2013 10

Reacting to the announcement that polling of MPs in an Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) consultation showed MPs believe they deserve a 32 per cent pay increase in their salary to £86,250, Matthew Sinclair, Chief Executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance (TPA), said:

 ”Hiking politician’s wages at a time of pay freezes, benefit caps and necessary spending cuts would be completely unpalatable to taxpayers. To do so would suggest that there is one rule for MPs and another for the rest of the country. There is zero appetite for a pay rise for MPs as borne out by the polling of the public commissioned by IPSA. Most people clearly think that an MP’s salary is currently about right.”

The full consultation can be found here. The TPA’s submission to the consultation can be found here.

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  • Shaun

    That’s a soft attack wasted your time on that “Most people clearly think that an MP’s salary is currently about right.”

    If we are getting cuts and austertity so should them…

  • J

    A pay cut would be more appropriate for the ineptness of them. Bullshitters are what they are.

  • johnincheshire

    I agree with the previous two commenters; there should be a reduction of salary for MPs. I’d say a 25% cut to start with and a 5% reduction for every year that the economy stalls or shrinks or fails to improve by at least 3%. But of course, each MPs annual remuneration should be determined by their constituents, not by some national formula. And if anything, MEPs should be paid no more than MPs and in my opinion considerably less.

  • David Waugh

    I’m self employed. My SIPP pension is worth less each day. Trying to work out to pay my Corporataion Tax, PAYE, NIC and VAT which is all due. My personal tax is also due. At what stage do we all put up the ‘CLOSED’ sign and walk away. Not one single noise from Westminster about how to get our economy going again, its all about spending, spending…..

  • Andy Stansfield

    ‘We’re all in it together’ has to be the most cynical phrase uttered in recent politics. MP’s salaries should be tied to a national earnings index. 32% – you’re having a laugh! I believe MPs do a difficult job and are not vastly paid by corporate standards – but the same is true of many jobs. If you do it for the pay you’re not suitable – and anyway many, many MPs have the luxury of additional income streams. These people genuinely believe they operate to a different set of rules. I object!!

  • Garfield

    What planet are they on ? MPs earn enough and have a large expense budget which should be in line with commercial (HMRC) guidelines. One rule for them one rule for us ?!?!?
    As for Councillors’ allowance, can you tell HMRC to stop treating it as an income (as it is only to cover expenses) and not tax it, therefore, there would be no need to increase the allowances in order to atrract the best local people.

  • william grist

    actually i agree with the MP’s, i would suggest a fixed salary of £80,000 for a cabinet member, £70,000 for a backbencher, however they would get NO allowances, apart from travel strictly business miles, they would , like all other employees have to fund their own travel to and from work…any staff they require to be provided,,,no hiring family members,,,,and no overtime,,,just like HM forces

  • seanp

    This is just pure greed, so called voted in person’s are now trying to MILK the system for as much as they can!
    On top of Claiming expenses ( most of the average people in a work class enviroment cannot get this ) they want to increase the amount they are being paid by an amount, which is not even a small percentage but is more than a average persons gross wage.
    If anything they should be taking a ( Pay Cut )!

  • Colin L

    Most Labour and Liberal MPs earn more than they did prior to being elected and they also enjoy generous expenses and other benefits, not least fabulous holiday periods. Labour’s lot also , in many cases, enjoy additional perks from their trades unions/ co operative movement masters.

    In any case nothing is likely to happen as the Govt would be blamed by the electorate and Labour MPs would escape any blame and reap the benefit.

    • blarg1987

      And to add balance, the Conservative lot sit on boards as none executives getting paid large sums to turn up once a month :)

  • Colin L

    PS MPs are wonderful at criticising others. The Taxpayer need a committee to scrutinise the decisions of MPs in wrecking this once decent country.

  • Moonraker

    MPs and benefit recipients should be paid a universal amount and have to manage on it the same as most workers. Cut all the extras, allowances and expenses. In addition to cutting the number claiming benefits cut the number of MPs and council officials, far too many of them on the gravy train.

  • PM

    Performance related pay used to be and interesting concept and should be applied to MP’s. That would undoubtedly ensure a reduction – and a big one – in pay.

    • blarg1987

      The underlying question is how would you measure performance?

      • Alan

        GDP Growth. Nothing else. That covers everything required. Simples.

        • blarg1987

          Hmmmm, trouble with our whole system is that the economy is based aroun oeaks and troughs (just like the banking system). Now with the system you propose MP’s will bee focused on GDP growth for the sake of bonuses at the extent of everything else be it workers rights, fair society, caring for the less able, long term probability of recession.

          Is that they system we really want?

  • Gold Bug

    Cut their pay then there would be so many career politicians that have never had a proper job.

  • Sir Lucius

    Shouldn’t they be paid by results like everybody else. There were promises about cutting back on waste but it has hardly happened. Also instead of cutting back on Quangos this government seems to be setting up more.
    Local government politicians are worse if anything. They seem to be getting into more areas than ever justifying extra allowances and pay. In the meantime here in Mole Valley our Council Tax went up by 2.99% last year and yet Cameron boasts that CT has been frozen. Waiting to hear about this year’s increase.

  • dave

    The survey of MPs carried out for IPSA by YouGov has been cynically, deliberately and disgracefully misinterpreted and misreported by both the media and, typically, by TPA.

    Contrary to Matthew Sinclair’s self-serving nonsense, a large majority of MPs supported a cap of 1% for the next two years.

    64% of the MPs who responded clearly indicated that they should be treated the same as the rest of the public sector, with only 27% disagreeing with this position. So, Mr Sinclair, there is no question of “one rule for MPs and another for the rest of the country”.

    As for the charge that MPs “believe they deserve a 32% pay increase in their salary to £86,250″, that was not the question asked.

    69% who responded thought that MPs were underpaid, and the mean average suggested was £86,250. However, this is clearly not the same as suggesting that such an increase is deserved either now, or in the face of future economic difficulties.
    In case of doubt, I should make it quite clear that I am not an MP. Neither am I particularly impressed by some of the MPs we have. However, I have both taken the trouble to read the survey and to consider the appropriate interpretation of its output.
    Sadly, neither Mr Sinclair or, it would seem, my fellow correspondents to this discussion, appear to be bothered to read the thing.
    Disgraceful, Mr Sinclair. Simply disgraceful.

  • Bossie

    They may only go £65k wages but a lot of them employ their wife’s/ Husbands on about £40k so that would bring their household income to £105K and then lets not for get their expense. No not in favour of the increase

  • Alan

    Here’s the answer. Total sense.
    Professor Happe and his likes will show you the way.
    I’m an anarchocapitalist libertarian in tradition of Austrian Economists.
    No wonder Thatcher made her entire Cabinet read Hayden’s “Road to Sertfdom”. We need to retract from our Socialist World Order … and quickly.

  • MickG

    Get rid of the lot of them and put people in who want to work and do good for the people of this country instead of thinking of higher wages and how to rip us off.
    If we are all in this together then they should be the first to have their pay and perks cut by us their employers.

  • Brumbaer

    I believe Boyse Penrose said “Public office is the last refuge of the incompetent” and I for one think he was right.

  • Happy Chappy

    This request makes a mokery of their “we’re all in it together” slogan. Suggesting there will be another expenses scandle – is plain blackmale. Add to this the “cash for questions scandles”, all the fraud surrounding the expenses scandle and a stagnent economy, what justification do they have for more money ? Their argument seams to be “do you want daylight robbery, or shall we steel it ?”