'The impact of business rate changes' panel discussion

February 28, 2017 4:24 PM

Last night we hosted a panel discussion on an issue that has dominated the news agenda for the past few weeks: business rates. It was a thought-provoking evening, as our chair, Alex Wild, conveyed quite aptly when he wrapped the night up with "well, this has been an interesting discussion between theorists and practitioners!" And indeed it was, for our panel consisted of industry association CEOs, pub landlords and think tank directors. They included:

  • Sam Bowman, Executive Director, Adam Smith Institute
  • Ian Cass, Managing Director, Forum of Private Business
  • Alan Hawkins, CEO, British Independent Retailers Association
  • Sean Hughes, landlord of The Boot, St Albans
  • Kate Nicholls, CEO, Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers
  • Alex Wild, Research Director, TaxPayers' Alliance (chair)

To watch the debate, please click play below, and do feel free to share the link with colleagues or friends. We'll have more events coming up soon, to see what's on click here.

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