In the media - 24th July

July 24, 2015 1:17 PM

New European figures have demonstrated just how dangerous our Government's addiction to debt is becoming. As a percentage of GDP, our National Debt is now 8th highest in Europe - in company with countries like Greece, Italy and Portugal. As Jonathan Isaby, our Chief Executive, told the Daily Mail...

We may want to share Greece, Italy and Portugal's weather but we shouldn't be sharing their economic policies. These stunning figures show that the Chancellor is right to push on with spending reductions, or the consequences could be disastrous in the short- and long-term. It would be immoral for today's politicians to hand over this ticking time-bomb to the next generation, so we have to ask them to go further and faster to start paying some of this credit card bill back.

Meanwhile, a Freedom of Information Request submitted by the TaxPayers' Alliance revealed that the Green Investment Bank - a taxpayer-backed funding vehicle for environmentally friendly projects - spent more than £200,000 on domestic flights last year. Not only is that double the profit it returned to the taxpayer, but it isn't particularly green either... Here's the report in The Sun, with a quote from Jonathan.

This morning it also emerged that the Speaker of the House of Commons has, among other things, managed to spend £172 on a journey of less than a mile. Whoever approved this spending in the Speaker's Office should have to answer serious questions. Our Campaign Director Andy Silvester's comments can be found in the Telegraph, the Independent, the Mirror - in fact, on most national news websites. 





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