David Radley

Name: David Radley
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commented on Spending Plan 2015-03-17 11:43:18 +0000 · Flag
Well now, over £60 billion saved! And all without getting overly radical. I just opted for what most of my mates down the pub say we should do!
Was disappointed to not see an option on our parliamentry MP numbers and costs. I think that 500 MPs would be plenty, so we could save some more money there. And maybe we, the “nation”, should own those second homes that we buy them (the MPs)?
And I notice that the child allowance/tax credit option is loaded against it’s removal. A simpler tax system, without costs for add-ons such as means testing and tax credits, should surely be the aim here?
We could also save money by not bothering with a nuclear so-called deterrent. It didn’t deter Argentina from the Falklands, did it? It hasn’t deterred ISIS from Syria, has it? Do we really have enough nuclear firepower to deter Russia or China from expanding? Recent events, in both areas, say we don’t.