Loophole leaves licence fee-payers in the dark

May 23, 2016 10:33 AM

Having thought that there was finally to be some transparency over BBC salaries, it turns out that we are likely to be denied once again.

The Government’s White Paper on the BBC’s future said that salaries over £450,000 would have to be revealed, but it now appears that there is a loophole which will deny licence fee-payers this crucial oversight.

The Mail reported that as many of the highest paid stars are not “full time” they will not have their salaries reported, even as they rake in the equivalent of more than 3,000 households’ annual licence fee.

While the White Paper could have achieved more, disclosing top salaries and improving transparency in the organisation was a welcome move, so it is very disappointing that this is already being rowed back on.

How can licence fee payers judge whether they are getting value for money if they don’t know where their money is going?

The TV tax remains a regressive demand by our state broadcaster and it is completely at odds with popular opinion to hide what it is being spent on. The Government should look to close this loophole to promote transparency and to ensure that the BBC delivers value for money.

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