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Friday 2 December 2011

Evening Standard: Met’s £2million bill for funding union activists

Scotland Yard spends almost £1 million a year funding trade union activists, it emerged today.


Costs for 2010/11 rose by more than £100,000 on the previous year, when the bill was £792,226.81.
David Cameron vowed to put an end to taxpayer-funded union activists this week as hundreds of thousands of public servants walked out in the row over pensions. Estimates put the annual cost at £113 million. The bill was revealed in Freedom of Information Requests by the Taxpayers’ Alliance.

Its director Matthew Sinclair said: “Taxpayers shouldn’t be funding staff to work for trade unions, providing them with a huge activist base to support strikes and freeing up resources for political campaigns.”

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Daily Express: Anger at £2m a year survey …to find out if we’re happy

Matthew Sinclair, director of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “Wasting millions of pounds on a survey that is just confirming common sense intuitions about what makes people happy isn’t going to put taxpayers in a good mood.

“The Government should focus on delivering the standard of living that we all know people want, rather than trying to pry into questions about the good life that we can and should be left to work out on our own.”

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Peterlee Mail: ‘Further strikes not ruled out’

Unison says the average pension for local government workers is around £4,000 a year and £7,000 a year for NHS workers, but the TaxPayers’ Alliance said a local government manager who retires on £60,000 a year could expect a pension of £30,000 a year.

A junior worker who retires on £25,000 a year could expect a pension of £12,500 and a teacher who retires on £50,000 can expect a pension of £25,000.

Click here to read the full story Guardian focus podcast: public sector strike. With Matthew Sinclair TPA Director

In the studio to discuss the wider implications of the confrontation between government and the unions we have Matthew Sinclair, director of the Taxpayer’s Alliance; Rachael Maskell, from the union Unite; and Guardian editorial writer Tom Clark, who’s also the presenter of our Politics Weekly podcast.

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Daily Telegraph: Council chief exec ‘given time at home to think’

Robert Oxley, the campaign manager of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “Taxpayers write Merton council’s chief executive a hefty pay cheque each month — they are entitled to know what he is expected to do for that sizeable sum.

“The published objectives need to be robust and quantifiable, otherwise this is a pointless PR exercise.”

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This is Bath: Why should councils subsidise union activity?

According to a recent report, over the last year the local taxpayer is subsidising B&NES council workers to take time off for trade union activities to the tune of £67,661.

This includes £5,638 to cover union activities of the GMB (General, Municipal, Boilermakers Association) and £11,277 for the NUT (National Union of Teachers).

Is this right? Wouldn’t this money be better used going to support hard-pressed frontline services?

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Mail Online: Tax office condemned for lavishing £100million on staff training

John O’Connell of the TaxPayers’ Alliance said: ‘Of course, it is important that staff are up to scratch, but HMRC proves time and again that it is incapable of getting the taxes of millions of ordinary taxpayers right.

The fact they feel obliged to spend this much on training proves the tax system is far too complicated, meaning families and businesses find it unpredictable, punitive and burdensome.’


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