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Monday 5 March 2012

Mail Online: Need to run the country from your iPad? There’s a £20,000 taxpyer-funded app for that, Prime Minister

However, Matthew Sinclair, director of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: ‘There are already a number of official and independent initiatives under way to make Government data easier to access from a range of different devices.

‘For the Cabinet Office to set out to make a special app for the Prime Minister, even if it might eventually find its way out so that the wider public can use it, seems like both a distraction and a waste of money.’

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Metro: BBC spend £13m chasing license fee avoiders

Spokeswoman Emma Boon is quoted by The Sun as saying: ‘This is a staggering amount.

‘With no information about how successful these campaigns were, it is hard to see the justification for sending out so many bullying letters.

‘The BBC should focus on making it cheaper and easier to pay for a TV licence.’

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Mail Online: The smoked salmon is ‘awful and the pork

Emma Boon, Campaign Director of the TaxPayers’ Alliance said the House of Lords should not be able to dine at taxpayers’ expense.

‘Peers get a huge taxpayer subsidy on meals, it’s scandalous that they are complaining about it when they get such a good deal on food and drink,’ she said.

‘Much of what is on offer is nicer than what many taxpayers can afford to dine on themselves.

‘Instead of lodging petty complaints about a modest increase in price they should count themselves lucky they aren’t paying full whack.

‘Many taxpayers have seen the cost of feeding themselves and their children rocket, it’s high time these subsidies were ended and peers lived in the real world.’

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The Mirror: David Cameron spends £20k of taxpayers’ cash on his own iPad app

But Matthew Sinclair, director of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, says spending £20,000 cannot be justified when other projects are also under way to make ­official data easier to access.

He said: “For the Cabinet Office to set out to make a special app for the Prime Minister seems like a distraction and a waste of money.”

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Mail Online: £4,000 for slipping on a potato and £2,500 for walking into a door…How NHS staff cash in on accidents at work

Matthew Elliott, of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: ‘This is an incredible amount of money for the NHS to be losing to compensation claims, and means less cash is available for frontline care.

‘There will be some cases where payouts in the workplace are unavoidable, but health bosses need to ensure these are kept to a minimum by properly managing their facilities and rejecting and fighting frivolous claims.

‘Taxpayers can’t afford endless huge payouts – they are a  symptom of a growing compensation culture that needs to  be stopped.’

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