Monthly bin collections?

September 25, 2015 11:15 AM

This week saw the introduction of the country's first monthly bin collection. Fife council in Scotland will collect waste just 12 times a year as part of a trial in some parts of the district, in order - we are told - to encourage residents to recycle more. We obviously had a fair bit to say about this:

“Residents pay their taxes to fund basic essential services and bin collection is about as basic as it gets.
“When trying to identify necessary savings, councils must do everything in their power to make sure every bit of waste is cut out before they consider cutting these services.”

People pay their taxes to fund essential frontline services and bin collections are definitely essential. Recycling is a great idea, but reports suggest that monthly collections mean that rubbish is piling up in residents' front gardens. Given the levels of Council Tax residents hand over, this is simply not good enough.

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