Bristol students support cut in cider tax
Nov 2013 28

On a cold and crisp day at the heart of the University of Bristol, students gathered to support our Cut Cider Tax campaign. They collected signatures for our petition calling on a cut in the Cider Duty Escalator, which automatically adds duty of 2 per cent above inflation to a pint of cider each year.

‘Britain has a proud history in beer and cider production and for centuries has been an integral part of our heritage,’ says Bristol student Charlie Brandon. ‘While we should take pride in the fact that many of the major commercial brands are produced in this country we should also strive to protect our local producers who provide us with a greater variety of choice of high quality cider. A tax cut will allow these producers to provide this quality and variety at competitive prices, and therefore ensure their survival.’ Continue Reading

Further financial woe in Thanet
Nov 2013 27

Thanet District Council has dug itself into a financial hole. It allowed Transeuropa Ferries to operate for three years from the council owned port of Ramsgate without paying berthing fees – they disguised it as a “loan against invoice”. Transeuropa then went bankrupt (in April), leaving their (£3.4 m) bills unpaid (and uninsured against) and the council with a port with no ferry operator. Continue Reading

Energy Swindle Campaign arrives in Wrexham
Nov 2013 23

Wrexham, in North Wales, has seen over the years an influx of hi-tech business and the opening of a new university. It has the second largest industrial Estate in the UK which accommodates around 300 businesses, employing 7000 staff, and creates a livelihood for many who live in Wrexham and North East Wales.

It’s not just families that are being hurt by green taxes – the businesses that provide much needed employment are being affected too, and if we want greater prosperity and more secure jobs for the people of North Wales, these green taxes have to go.

On Monday 25 November, I will be joining other TPA supporters in Wrexham who are holding a ‘Stop the Energy Swindle’ street stall. We are meeting on Hope Street, Wrexham, LL11 1BB at 11.00 am. Continue Reading

Comment: Three steps David Cameron can take to end our dysfunctional green farce
Nov 2013 23

Writing for City A.M., Matthew Sinclair argues that the Government attacking Labour for having a dysfunctional (but popular) energy policy will not be effective if it presses ahead with its own dysfunctional (but unpopular) energy policy.

“There is some controversy over whether David Cameron actually told his team they need to “get rid of all the green c**p”. But while Downing Street has denied it, there is little doubt that some ministers are realising they need to do something about the punishing costs of their current energy policies.

They are right that Ed Miliband’s promise to freeze energy prices is not remotely credible, given that he has failed to set out plans to address the real causes of rising prices. But attacking Labour for having a dysfunctional (but popular) energy policy will not be effective if the government presses ahead with its own dysfunctional (but unpopular) energy policy. Voters would be forgiven for backing the party that at least sounds like it takes the pressure on living standards seriously as, year by year, energy bills rise faster than earnings.”

Click here to continue reading the full article

Further opposition against Monthly Collections
Nov 2013 22

It’s been a number of weeks since Cardiff Council’s proposal for monthly bin collections was first aired. The proposal is designed to force the residents of Cardiff to recycle more and to cut expenditure on landfill (and in particular fines levied by the EU because of landfill) , which, in theory, are positive steps. However the draconian measures will lead to one of the most essential front line services being slashed rather than positively helping people to recycle more. Many of the hundreds of people that have signed the petition so far have expressed their dismay at the arrogance of councillors from all parties on this issue.

The council also want to introduce  fines for contaminated rubbish. Both this and the possibility of having to wait two months for a collection if you simply miss your allotted collection day were serious concerns raised by those we have spoken to. They believe regular collections not only make the city look tidy, they also ensures that problems of vermin are kept in check and cases of fly-tipping are limited. Continue Reading

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