Exeter students join Cut Wine Tax campaign
Mar 2014 11

Exeter University students joined our campaign to Call Time on Duty at John Gandy’s wine bar off the cobble streets of central Exeter. With glasses of wine in their hands, they called on the Chancellor George Osborne to axe further rises in duty on wine and spirits in this country—and bring it in line with more reasonable rates of alcohol tax in Europe. Continue Reading

Councillors will no longer be able to claim pensions
Mar 2014 11

Responding the  news that councillors are to be removed from the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) , Jonathan Isaby, Chief Executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance said:

It is wrong that councillors were ever able to sign up to the pension scheme for local authority employees. They receive an allowance to represent their community, not a pay packet, and treating them as council staff will only have served to skew their priorities and their place in the system of democratic accountability. Ending councillors’ entitlement to a local government pension will not only save taxpayers’ money, but also remind them that they are there to represent the views of their residents to the council, not the other way round.

Our  research has shown i n 2010-11 4,548 councillors were enrolled on the LGPS – a number that has grown significantly in the last couple of years.

New £20bn OBR black hole means Chancellor Osborne must declare War on Waste
Mar 2014 07

Office for Budget Responsibility economic models replicated by the Financial Times have revealed a new £20 billion black hole in the public finances. The news comes on top of the repeated deterioration in deficit forecasts since 2010 and means that the public sector would potentially continue living beyond its means until 2020.

Page 15

Our War on Waste spending factbook highlighted the deterioration of deficit forecasts for 2014-15 in the graph shown above (click here to share it on Facebook, and here for Twitter). It’s clear that while the economy seems to be recovering, particularly with respect to private sector employment figures, the public finances are still a mess and tough decisions have to be made on spending.

This isn’t necessary only to close our still huge deficit but also to allow room for the tax cuts the country needs to sharpen economic incentives, boost growth and ease the financial burden on taxpayers. Mr Osborne should look again at spending when he delivers his budget in two weeks. It’s time he declared a War on Waste.

Powys Council must cut the waste first
Mar 2014 07
Councils in Wales have seemingly contracted Council Tax increase fever. For the past number of weeks we have seen increases of nearly 5 per cent in a substantial number of local authorities. Unlike the majority of councils in England who have received a grant to freeze Council Tax bills, councils in Wales are squeezing residents till the pips squeak. Continue Reading
LSE students Call Time on Duty
Mar 2014 06

London School of Economics students raised their glasses to our Call Time on Duty campaign. In the historic George IV pub in Portugal Street, opposite the LSE, they asked the Chancellor George Osborne to cut the duty on wine and spirits in this country, some of the highest alcohol tax rates in Europe. Continue Reading

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