The tax on holidays
Aug 2014 22
NEW RESEARCH: The taxman chases you all the way to the departure gate
Aug 2014 22
New research from the TaxPayers’ Alliance shows that punishingly high taxes on holiday items, insurance and flights have forced up the cost of a holiday abroad by £50 to every holidaymaker in Britain.

The TaxPayers’ Alliance has collated the cost of VAT on “holiday goods” such as sun tan lotion and a hair cut, the Insurance Premium Tax, and Air Passenger Duty – the highest tax on flying anywhere in the world. Due to increases in VAT and Air Passenger Duty,the overall figure has increased from our 2008 estimate of nearly £1.5 billion to nearly £1.9 billion this year.

At the extreme end, a family of four travelling to Florida this summer will have faced an average tax bill of £364 on their flights and holiday purchases in the UK, an increase of £164 since 2008. A family of six travelling to Spain will have been hit by an average tax bill of £195 just for going on holiday.

Jonathan Isaby, Chief Executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said:

“It’s wrong that a week in the sun comes with such a huge tax bill, as the taxman chases holidaymakers all the way to the departure gate. These taxes are not only too high but hit those on lower incomes the hardest, making it more difficult for hard-working people to get away for a well-deserved break.

“Too many of the taxes we pay are hidden. Who knew that there is a tax on travel insurance?

“These stealth taxes are unfair and must be abolished. It’s time for the Chancellor to give families a break.”

War on Waste hits Southend-on-Sea
Aug 2014 21

TPA activists visited Southend-on-Sea yesterday as part of our national War on Waste campaign. Having set up camp in the High Street, our team handed out leaflets and books to local residents, finding out from some of them what the real problems were in this sunny part of Essex.

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Facebook page provokes Council backlash in Berwick
Aug 2014 19

Berwick Town Council has spent £1,511 threatening a Councillor over a facebook page exposing the alleged misuse of Council powers and funds, it is claimed.

The page focused on the perceived turmoil and confusion caused by the Councils’ decision to take over the management of Berwick’s Portas Pilot, a project focused on regenerating Berwick Town Centre with £100,000 of taxpayers’ money, as well as other uses of the Town Clerks’ delegated power to award council money to projects and subcontractors. Continue Reading

Planning costs pile up for Mike Watts
Aug 2014 19

Good news to see that B&NES council leader Paul Crossley is finally congratulating Mike Watts for building his Kelston Toll Road and helping thousands of local drivers overcome the disruption caused by the closure of a short stretch of the A431.

“He has done something the council wasn’t able to do and well done to him,” Crossley told the Bath Chronicle. “He has used his initiative and taken a risk, using his money. He has also been working positively with the council to jump through all the necessary hoops, such as applying for retrospective planning permission.” Continue Reading

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